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GOALS           Five-Year Goals (provide three to five goals in each of the following missions)





Economic Development


Regain standing as the world's best public university library, supporting UIUC's research initiatives



Improve access to Library resources by consolidating service points and rationalizing electronic access


Promote our outstanding collections and services with innovative public programming and digital services


Develop entreprenuerial programs and secure additional income to support Library collections and services


Reestablish the Library's strengths in acquiring and providing access to world-class collections.



Launch innovative digital services meeting the needs of today's students, faculty and staff

Play leadership roles in state, national, and international consortia such as CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois), CIC, Association of Research Libraries, Digital Library Federation, Center for Research Libraries



Estimate the Library's value to state and local economic development



Preserve our valuable collections in appropriate facilities and with an innovative preservation program



Implement, and promote a comprehensive information literacy program





Develop and preserve unique digital collections that meet campus, state, and international  needs







Expand faculty capabilities to support interdisciplinary research and new technologies.






Competitive Analysis*



Competitors ↓




Economic Development

University of Toronto









University of California, Berkeley









University of Texas









University of Michigan










University of California, Los Angeles










*Competitors identified from public research institutions.

**Education competitors focus on undergraduate education (for graduate education, the overall competitors provide a more accurate list).

***Engagement/Service competitors reflect the land-grant focus of the institution.


SWOT Analysis (three for each mission) 






Economic Development



  • Strong faculty and staff (many young faculty)
  • Collections and commitment to preservation
  • International presence
  • Strong subject expertise of faculty and staff.
  • High visibility and effectiveness of library faculty to communities served


  • In-person and online services
  • Commitment to information literacy


  • Decades of leadership in state and national consortia
  • Faculty outreach in community
  • Commitment to service to professional organizations


  • Library is a major resource for local, state, national and international community


  • Chronic lack of investment results in declining collection strengths. We are significantly underfunded vis-a-vis our peers in the benchmark analysis.
  • No comprehensive preservation program until 2000
  • Lack subject expertise in areas of new interest to UIUC faculty
  • Inadequate hours for users to gain access to materials that are not digitized and to expert faculty and staff
  • Facility infrastructure crumbling
  • Insufficient funding to acquire and implement some new information technologies
  • Weak culture of assessment
  • Lack of access because of hidden collections
  • Outreach efforts are not well coordinated
  • Reward structure for engagement is unclear
  • Don't understand our role in economic development well



  • Become information and knowledge broker to campus
  • Mass digitization and access






  • Integration of services through other campus vehicles (e.g., Compass)
  • Unique collections and service will brand UIUC as a unique information provider
  • Mortenson Center partnerships and activities form basis of new ways of delivering services and content
  • nfluencing consortia to provide important resources and services at no or lower costs
  • Service values of library profession provide good basis for local and state outreach programs
  • Opportunity to become information and knowledge broker


Need aggressive pursuit of outside funding

opportunities (grants, foundation, private sector)


Develop entrepreneural programs to enhance income


  • Physical facilities threaten collections, impede donations, and constrain research
  • Inability to invest in robust digital library program
  • Lack of funding for collections will impinge upon our national and international standing.
  • Information providers outside of academia (e.g., Google, Amazon)


  • We will not be able to attract world-class collections without facilities equal to those of our peers



Assessment of Distinctive Competencies:  For each of the four missions, please describe no more than three characteristics that distinguish Urbana (1) as a campus and (2) from the top five institutions with which it competes.






Economic Development

Campus Distinctiveness
and Differentiation
From Competition















Suggestions of Most Promising Interdisciplinary Areas (no more than three)





Economic Development

































RESOURCE PLAN - University Library


The Library's goals and initiatives will be accomplished through:


  1. Additional funds from the University
    • Estimates done in 1999 recognized the need to add a minimum of $5 million per year for at least 5 years to keep the Library in a competitive position.  The Library's ranking based on number of volumes will fall from 3 rd to 4 th within the next 1-2 years.
  2. Reallocating resources
    • Through more effective organization
    • By the University's agreeing to abandon its focus on the Library's ranking among the Association of Research Libraries membership and the subsequent withdrawal of unnecessary duplicate volumes (e.g., withdrawal of 5+ copies of the 7 copies of Nature that we hold)
  3. Entrepreneurial ventures
    • Increase income from the databases we create and license (IRIS, ABSEES)
    • Increase income from reproduction fees
    • Identify other sources of revenue from entrepreneurial ventures
  4. Increased development activities
    • Invest in development capacity in Chicago
    • Exceed objectives of current Campus Campaign for the Library