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University Library Executive Committee Statement on Confidentiality

The Executive Committee’s purpose as stated in the University Library Bylaws is to:


…be the principal advisory body to the University Librarian.  It shall advise the University Librarian on the formulation and execution of Library-wide policy, including but not limited to;

1)         creation and appointment of library-wide committees, and plans for implementation of committee recommendations;

2)         selection of priorities to be reflected in the Library’s budget;

3)         proposal of library-wide program initiatives and policy changes;

4)         recruitment and selection of library faculty


In fulfilling its charge, the Executive Committee frequently deals with issues of a confidential or sensitive nature.  Information is shared with the Committee and opinions are voiced during discussion to foster well-informed and thoughtful deliberations.  As a result each EC member is privy to a wide variety of confidential information that if shared outside the Committee might cause unnecessary harm to colleagues and/or to the effective administration of the University Library.


Every member of the Executive Committee is strongly encouraged to maintain the highest level of confidentiality in discussing its work with those outside the committee.  EC members are elected to promote the best interests of the entire University Library not to represent specific units or divisions, and therefore, each member has an obligation on behalf of the entire University Library to refrain from discussing sensitive or confidential EC matters with others. 


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