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Follow-up on Access Strategy Team Recommended Appointments in CAM

Subsequent to the approval of the Access Strategy Team report and its recommendations, this document requests approval to initiate several formal processes related to personnel appointments and title changes in the newly-formed CAM unit.  The Access Strategy Team report recommends that two new positions be created and filled by internal re-appointment process.  Further, the report recommends formal title changes for several Library faculty members within the current Technical Services Division as the transition to the CAM unit occurs. 


The following two appointments are recommended by the Access Strategy Team.  We recommend that an internal call for applicants be made, and screening committee be appointed to complete this process and make recommendations to the University Librarian.  We volunteer to serve as the screening committee for this process (Bob Burger, Beth Sandore, Karen Schmidt, Peggy Steele).


Head of CAM, Responsibilities (internal re-appointment):



OPAC Records Coordinator  Responsibilities (internal re-appointment):



Once the Head of CAM and the OPAC Records Coordinator are appointed, the work in earnest on the re-defining of CAM workflow and staff/faculty responsibilities can be spearheaded by the newly-appointed leadership within CAM, in consultation with CAPT.  Below is a list of recommended actions that the various people involved need to take after the Head of CAM and the OPAC Records Coordinator are set into place.  As indicated in the Access Strategy Team's March 14 2005 report, the following list of transition events is by no means all-inclusive, but gives a good sense of the scope of activities associated with moving into the new organization:


Formal Title Changes (No re-appointment necessary):


These title changes and the corresponding updates to job descriptions will be initiated by the Head of CAM early in the re-structuring process.


E-resource Librarian (AST recommends that the E-resource Librarian work jointly in CAM and Acquisitions/Collections, and report to the Head of Acquisitions for administrative purposes.)  Wendy Shelburne


Metadata Librarians (CAM Library Faculty

29 August 2005 (Burger, Sandore, K. Schmidt, Steele)