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Policy and procedures for shared faculty positions between GSLIS and the Library – DRAFT

February 11. 2005




There is interest in exploring the development of a program for shared faculty appointments between GSLIS and the Library.  These shared appointments go beyond the current program of Library faculty serving as Adjuncts on the GSLIS faculty while teaching courses in the GSLIS program.  A shared appointment would mean that a fixed portion of the faculty member’s time would be in the other unit, with duties commensurate with that portion, and with that part of their salary paid for by the other unit.  For that part of the faculty member’s time, they would be a fully engaged participant in the other unit.  The possibilities for a Library faculty member serving in a shared appointment in GSLIS, for example, could include advising Ph.D. candidates, developing courses, collaborating with GSLIS faculty on research. 


Potential benefits for these appointments for GSLIS include expanding the range of subject area expertise on the faculty, bringing fresh perspectives on curriculum development, identifying areas where the workplace experience of the Library faculty can play a vital role in research projects.  Potential benefits for the Library include cross-fertilization of research into Library projects, development of a fresh perspective on Library issues, and an opportunity for the Library faculty member to expand their subject expertise. 


A shared faculty appointment will be considered an exceptional activity requiring substantial justification.  Because the shared faculty appointment has implications for many aspects of the Library and its operations, the procedure for approving them provides for careful consideration.  It is anticipated that these shared faculty appointments will be for a fixed period of time of between one and three academic years. 




The Library faculty member who seeks a shared appointment with GSLIS will draft an outline of the proposal.  This outline will include identifying anticipated benefits to the Library, identifying potential benefits to GSLIS, identifying anticipated benefits to the faculty member, and identifying the responsibilities that will need to be covered along with a possible plan for meeting these responsibilities.


This outline proposal will be given to the Executive Committees of the Library and of GSLIS.  It is expected that either group may have questions that need to be addressed by the candidate before final consideration is taken.  It is further expected that either Executive Committee may decide that the anticipated benefits do not outweigh the potential burden of the appointment.  If both Executive Committees indicate support for the outline, the candidate will develop a fully expanded proposal to be given to Dean John Unsworth and Dean Paula Kaufman for their consideration.  After their review, if the proposal is supported by both deans, the full proposal is sent to both Executive Committees for formal approval. 


An evaluation of the shared appointment will be conducted as part of the annual review of the faculty member.  Early termination of the shared appointment would be possible if all parties agree.