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June 27, 2003, Proposed Pay Date Change

Board of Trustees

352 Henry Administration Building


Dear Trustees: 

     We are writing on behalf of the faculty of the University Library to express our concern over the proposed pay date change and its effect on the members of our faculty, most of whom have 12-month contracts with the University. This decision will affect the entire library faculty, who are, as a group, among the lowest paid faculty on the campus. As a result of the University changing the pay date from the 21 st of the month to the 16 th of the month, the September 16, 2003 check will be smaller by five days worth of pay. This change is being made, so we’re told, as a part of the nearly $300,000,000.00 UI Integrate implementation.

     As faculty, we enter into a contract each year to work for a stated salary, for which we, according to The General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedures, article IV, section 1, (g) "shall be compensated in twelve equal monthly installments." The proposed change in the pay date will result in a payment in September that is smaller than those preceding and following. This conflicts with this statement in the Rules and in an overall annual salary that is less than stated in our annual contracts. 

     The change in the pay date presents more than potential cash flow problems for our faculty. It is our understanding that although the September 16 paycheck will be prorated to cover three weeks of work, the deductions for benefits and other services are not being similarly prorated. This means that the check will be smaller, but deductions for parking, medical and dental insurance, etc. will remain the same. On average, this will result in a check that is between $700.00 and $1000.00 smaller. 

     The change in the pay date will also have an effect on the potential retirement benefits of retirees. Because the monthly amount received is based on an average of the last four years of salary, retirement benefits will be decreased for all retirees over the next few years.

     The change in pay date raises serious concerns with us. It will cause a real hardship for our faculty who did not receive a pay increase this year. We urge the Board to reconsider this decision.


University Library Executive Committee  

______________________________            ________________________

Lisa German                                                           Richard Griscom 


_____________________________              ________________________

Janis Johnston                                                         William Maher 


_____________________________               ________________________

Sue Searing                                                            Beth Woodard 



Greg Youngen