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In this era of new service models, the University Library is seeking new ways to meet the many challenges it faces in fulfilling its mission. In order to continue to support and enhance the teaching, research, and service missions of the University and to meet the evolving needs presented by changes in the higher education environment within a general context of decreasing budgets, the Library must rely on increasingly imaginative strategies.

As part of this new approach, the Library needs to think differently about how it fills vacant positions, with a view toward best utilizing new faculty hires, including Faculty Excellence and TOPS hires, and toward recognizing the benefits of shared expertise across units.

Where new appointments are made, they need to fill the Library’s needs as broadly as possible. Such a strategy will involve several key principles, based on the overarching principle that sharing knowledge and expertise across units is ultimately to the benefit of the Library and its users, and that positions should no longer necessarily be regarded as being tied to a single unit. Among the principles embodied in this new strategy are:

When considering position requests now and in the future, the Library will encourage requestors to frame position requests that support University and Library strategic initiatives and new service models designed to shape research and higher education into the future.  

On January 10, 2008 a call for submission of requests for faculty positions was made to Library faculty, with a reminder that requests should be prepared in the context of the strategic plans prepared by the University and the Library, new service model planning, and newly emerging priorities. Following the February 15 deadline, the Executive Committee reviewed and prioritized requests according to the principles outlined above. The requests were ranked within general groups in order of priority, and within each general group from higher to lower priority. The prioritized list is attached, and will be posted on the Executive Committee website.

The confluence of limited funds and emerging needs requires us to be flexible with requests as they arise. The Executive Committee will maintain on its website an ongoing list of position requests under consideration. We will insert newly received requests into the grid as we receive and consider them, communicating newly ordered lists each time a change is made. This will allow us the opportunity for some dialog with requesters as we help to shape requests that are forward-looking and that match our priorities as new needs are juxtaposed with others of longer standing.

Final decisions on the number of positions to be funded will be made when the Library’s FY09 budget is made available. At this time the Executive Committee welcomes feedback on its prioritizations. Your comments will ensure the broadest possible consideration of these requests. Please submit comments to me by July 7, 2008, at