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German, Scandinavian, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature Specialist Position Request


Proposing Unit

Modern Languages and Linguistics Library

Proposed Title


German, Scandinavian, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature Specialist

Faculty Rank


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

Estimated Salary



Potential sources of funding for position


Existing Line

Reports to


Kathleen Kluegel, Acting Head, Modern Languages and Linguistics Library

Recommended time frame for filling


Open immediately in order to fill by September 2008 when Visiting Germanic, Scandinavian, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Specialist position expires.

Position Need & Rationale: explain how this position contributes to the Library’s strategic goals














 “ New service models must retain the commitment to the assignment of subject specialists with documented responsibility for providing library services, collections, and information resources and products designed for use by faculty and students in defined fields of research and teaching at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.”< /span> In keeping with that principle from Building on Strengths: New Models for Library Service, the Germanic and Scandinavian Specialist position is critical to providing service to several cross-cutting disciplines and inter-disciplinary programs, including Comparative Literature and Linguistics.  The position serves over 100 faculty in 26 departments and programs, ranging from Anthropology to Religion to Computer Science.  This position will expand in scope with the new Center for Translation Studies.  The position requires both subject expertise and language expertise to serve not only the named departments and programs but also serve as a resource for the rest of the Library and Campus in Germanic and Scandinavian languages, including Cinema Studies and Medieval Studies (including Emblem Book Projects.)  The key role that the position plays in undergraduate education is another aspect of the position’s importance to meeting the Library’s goals.  The outreach elements of the position put the expertise of the subject specialist in the flow of the students’ learning and teaching environment.

Brief position description and job duties
















The German, Scandinavian, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Specialist provides services in collection development and management, reference and research services, information literacy, outreach, digital content management, conservation and preservation in the Modern Languages and Linguistics Library.  The primary focus for the services will be the scholars and students in the Germanic Languages and Literature Department, Scandinavian Languages Program, Linguistics Department, and Comparative Literature Department.  However, because of the pan-disciplinary range of the interests and research of the faculty and students served by the position, it has scope across the Library and the Campus. Bringing the Library’s services to the departments through outreach programs is an essential element of the position’s responsibilities.  The outreach programs include but are not limited to information literacy activities and “Librarians Live @FLB.” 

How might this position evolve to meet continuing Library needs in 5-10 years?












As the Foreign Language Programs become closer administratively, the position will become even more central to the success of the academic units.  The German, Scandinavian, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature Specialist will serve at the junction point for faculty and students in the many disciplines to meet and interact.  Coordinating the multi-stranded lines of research into a coherent pattern of Library resources and services will be one of the primary roles for this position in the years to come.