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Assistant ACES Librarian Position Request

To:  Library Executive Committee

From: Pat Allen

Date: February 15, 2008

Regarding: Funk ACES Position Request



Proposing Division, Unit, Group or Individual


Funk ACES Library

Life Sciences Division

Proposed Title


Assistant ACES Librarian

Faculty Rank


Assistant Professor

Estimated Salary



Potential sources of funding for position


Library Operations Assistant salary line in Funk ACES.

Also money as needed currently being used for the visiting position.  We are also willing to repurpose funds from our student and graduate assistant positions if possible.

Reports to


Pat Allen, ACES Librarian

Recommended time frame for filling (immediate need, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) and explanation






We currently have a Visiting Assistant Professor position in Funk ACES that expires in August, 2008.  It would be preferable to have this requested position start at that time.

 If that is not possible, then I would like to extend the appointment of the current visiting person through August, 2009 while a search is conducted for a tenure-track faculty member. 

Position Need & Rationale: explain how this position contributes to the Library’s strategic goals














The person currently in this position has been pivotal in moving the Library forward in its contributions to the IDEALS repository.  She has developed an internal framework that allows us to discover existing electronic publications that originate from the ACES College, process them so they are suitable for addition to IDEALS, and then have them added to the repository.  This process was developed with the help of the IDEALS Coordinator.  In the mid-1990’s ACES outreach documents moved from paper to electronic publications, but there has been no concerted effort to create an archive of these documents until now. These efforts have allowed the Library to once again begin to preserve and make available the outreach publications of the ACES College, which are among the University’s most numerous and important outreach documents.  We in Funk ACES have contributed over 600 electronic documents into IDEALS through this effort so far, and many more documents have been identified by us for future inclusion.

The Library’s and the University’s overall scholarly communications goals will be enhanced by this position through the expansion our IDEALS efforts to include scholarly research produced by College of ACES faculty and researchers

The person currently in this position is also the CMS liaison for the Life Sciences Division, and is responsible for Funk ACES web development.  While the CMS migration process itself may take only two years or so, the need for a divisional web coordinator will only grow as we strive to adopt innovative strategies to enhance user services in the Life Sciences.

Brief position description and job duties
























Responsible for liaison activities to at least 2 ACES departments plus appropriate UofI Extension professionals, depending on qualifications of successful candidate.  Liaison duties typically include collection development, specialized reference, instruction, and web content development for the assigned departments.

(Note: there are currently 7 departments, an interdisciplinary graduate program in nutrition, and Extension within the ACES College.  DMI data shows that ACES has 220 FTE tenure track faculty, 700 FTE academic professionals, 94 FTE post doc and visiting faculty, 2340 undergraduate students, and 478 graduate students.)

Serve as team member in Funk ACES Library providing general instruction.  Specific responsibilities for integrating web-based instructional aids into the Illinois Compass online teaching activities of teaching faculty in ACES College.

Web content coordinator for Funk ACES Library.  Liaison for CMS implementation for Life Sciences Division.

Will provide scheduled hours of reference assistance in the Funk ACES Library, and elsewhere as needed.  May include some evening and weekend hours.

Will be responsible for redesigning and maintaining our 3 web sites for the Agricultural Networked Information Center (AgNIC) sites for corn, soybeans, and agricultural communications.  Will become our official coordinator for the University of Illinois Library’s participation in this national program.

Will lead Funk Library efforts in digitization and digital repository building, and will be part of Library-wide efforts in this area.  Will be resource person for the Life Sciences Division in digitization.

Will lead Funk Library efforts in systematically depositing appropriate ACES faculty research publications from scholarly journals into IDEALS in accordance to copyright clearance and faculty permission.  This effort will be in concert with the ACES College Office of Research.

How might this position evolve to meet continuing Library needs in 5-10 years?












I see this position fulfilling a leadership role within the Library, and internationally, in the successful implementation of our institutional repository.  This is especially important in agricultural fields, as most of the outreach publications created by Land Grant Universities have changed from standard paper-format series well maintained by libraries into fugitive gray literature that has escaped library curatorial efforts.


I also see this position being a leader within the Library in technological innovation at the unit level. .  In addition to serving in an advisory role for future Life Sciences Division initiatives, I foresee this position being involved in numerous Library-wide digital efforts and developing routines and methods for these efforts to be adopted at the unit level across the Library.  This position will serve in an advisory role with other units in the Life Sciences Division interested in pursuing new and innovative digital initiatives.

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