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(Approved, 7-11-00)

Guidelines for Requests to Fill New or Vacant Academic Positions

Proposals for creating new positions or filling positions vacated by resignation or retirement will be considered in the context of the Library’s overall staffing needs. To facilitate consideration of the proposed position, please provide a justification (normally no more than two pages) explaining the nature of the position’s duties; the number of FTE in each of the other staff categories in the unit (indicating which are funded with permanent dollars and which are on temporary funding); the general scope of responsibility of those positions; and the relation of the proposed position to the academic, administrative, and service programs of the campus. Please indicate whether this is a new position or a replacement resulting from a retirement or resignation. Describe the impact on the Library of not filling this position indefinitely or delaying it for some months. Finally, note what opportunities exist for obtaining external funding for the position.