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Guidelines for University Library Faculty Job Titles

October 2012 as “Head, Coordinator, and Assistant in Faculty Job Titles: Definitions and Use”

Revised and renamed in April 2015

This document clarifies general principles for University Library job titles, including the use of Head, Coordinator, Director, and Assistant in faculty job titles in the University Library.

For information on standard Academic Professional titles, see

General principles

1.       Job titles should describe the functional or subject responsibility of the position;

2.       Job titles should not describe the rank of the person in the position or the relationship between that person and someone else;

3.       These words should be avoided in job titles without compelling justification: coordinator (unless role is library-wide), director, head (heads of units will have a separate component to their title).


This title should be used for faculty positions which meet the following criteria:

Note the existing guidelines for Unit Head responsibilities:


This title should not be used except in very specific situations.

Director is defined under campus guidelines, and is covered in Provost’s Communication 3:


This title should be used for faculty positions which meet one of the following criteria:

Further guidelines for use of Coordinator title can be found here:


Moving forward this title will no longer be used for faculty in the Library.  A more descriptive title representing the individual’s work responsibilities will be used instead. For example, English Librarian, or Undergraduate Librarian for Reference Services. Faculty with assistant in their title may request a change of title or may retain their current title.

Note Regarding Rank

As of 2012 University Library faculty rank designations are [Assistant, Associate, Full] Professor, University Library. [Assistant, Associate, Full] Professor of Library Administration is no longer used.