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Interim Head Positions, Procedures for Interviewing (10/03/2016)

Library Faculty Job Title Guidelines (updated 4/2015)

Turyn Application Guidelines (approved 12/22/2005)

Acting Appointments to Cover Temporary Vacancies (approved 06/07/2006)

Policy for Making Acting and Interim Appointments [pdf] [ Word Doc](updated 01/24/2007)

UIUC Library Academic Search Committee Procedural Guidelines [pdf] [ Word Doc] (approved 05/14/2007)

Statement Regarding Research Time for Library Faculty (approved 12/10/2007)

Confidentiality Policy (adopted 11/07/2005)

Distinction Between Faculty, AP, and Staff Positions (updated 11/2011)

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Five-year evaluation of the University Librarian [pdf] [ Word Doc]

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