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Executive Committee Minutes 10-28-2013

Executive Committee                            



October 28, 2013


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper, Visitors: Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, David Ward; Recording: Kim Matherly
1.        1:30-2:00 – User Experience Team Proposal – Sue Searing, Beth Namachchivaya, David Ward
Wilkin asked how the proposal relates to existing staffing and what requests for new staffing are.
David replied that they are looking at existing activities they want to pull together. They are thinking about how they can make this work as a pilot/shoestring rollout and then looking at the IT staffing plan to see where they may need to add staff.
The committee discussed possible membership and the pros and cons of various ways of implementing the team. The group (which includes Sue, Beth, David, Jim Hahn, Jenny Taylor, Jim Dohle, Robert Slater, Kirstin Dougan, and Jen Yu) will take the suggestions from EC and will have another draft ready by late November.
2.        2:00-2:30 – NSM Coordinator – Sue Searing
EC talked with Sue about how the NSM Coordinator worked with EC in the past. Because JoAnn Jacoby (former NSM Coordinator before Sue) was on EC, there was no break in communication. Right now the NSMs that are active are the Archives and the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections NSMs, with the Humanities Hub NSM coming up.
Chris Prom will serve as the liaison between EC and Sue. NSM updates will be added to the EC agenda monthly to make sure there is consistent communication between EC and Sue.
3.        Approve Minutes from October 7
Minutes were approved with a motion by Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Jennifer Teper.
4.        Question Time
Wilkin’s  first meeting with the Senate Committee on the Library was mostly a “getting to know you” meeting. They did discuss the state of the Library and the Research Data Services proposal and position.
Personnel issues were discussed. A recommendation for Emeritus Status has been approved.
John Wilkin suggested that Jeff Schrader, Greg Knott, and Cindy Kelly serve as ex officio on Administrative Council. The committee agreed that was a good idea.  
EC discussed plans for the prioritization meeting in January 2014. John Wilkin will solicit topics for discussion, and then the attendees will break into working groups to move things forward.
This initial planning meeting will include Library faculty and APs. This is a professional commitment and a job for these groups. Once the priorities are in place, staff will be asked to help determine the best ways to accomplish the priorities.
EC discussed some of the storage issues IT is facing, as well as storage issues for collections.
5.        Sabbatical coverage
Sabbatical coverage was discussed. John Wilkin and Nancy O’Brien will work on a reponse to the faculty member.
6.        Search Committees – AP chairing
EC approved having an AP chair searches for AP positions.
7.        Agenda items for next meeting with AULs
This item will be handled by email.
8.        Emeritus status for faculty member
EC supports this request.
9.        Search Committee for RBML position
This has been decided.
10.      Position request to replace a retiring faculty member
This position request will be deferred to the next hiring plan.
The Division will be asked to submit the request on the new hiring form along with a current CV. EC suggested that the faculty supported by that unit be asked for their input on the position and the needs they see for this position. Nancy will communicate these issues back to the division.
11.      Nominating Your Faculty for Awards

EC will look over the document.


10/10/13 – EC approved the position description for Research Data Services.

10/18/13 – EC approved search committees for the Archival & Literary Mss Specialist, Research Programmer for E-resources and Acquisitions, and Archivist.