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Executive Committee Minutes 09-06-2013

Executive Committee



September 6, 2013


428 Library


Present – John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, vice-chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper; Visitors - Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Beth Woodard; Recording – Kim Matherly


1.        9-9:30 – AULs and Beth Woodard - Search updates and discussion of additions to the search manual on grant funded positions and on guidelines for using videoconferencing for interviews
Beth Woodard discussed the current searches that are underway. The committee discussed with Beth Woodard and the AULs grant funding search procedures. Because grants usually have a set time to be started, we need to be more nimble in our process to get research programmers (RP) hired. The discussion centered on things that can be done to expedite the process.
There was a suggestion that there was a need to write more generic job descriptions (for example, for research programmer positions). Academic Human Resources (AHR) is already used to seeing these and would be able to move forward more quickly with library position requests using a similar template. AHR tells us that our current job descriptions are too specific. We could then create an internal document that more specifically describes the job duties of individual positions. If our job descriptions are more generic, we can reuse them without a new PAPE each time.
Another challenge is being able to get search committee meetings scheduled quickly. People are busy, but this needs to be a priority. For grant-funded positions, the search needs to happen immediately once we have a notice that the grant has been awarded. We shouldn’t be waiting until we have cash in hand before we move forward with these position requests.
If there is a generic description that EC agrees to, they wouldn’t have to review each RP position. EC could just approve a search committee and they could get started.
The group also discussed using videoconferencing such as SKYPE for interviewing. It was determined that it might be a good way for an individual committee member to participate if  they are away, but as a rule videoconferencing should not be used. There may be “equity” issues involved here – for example, if we videoconference one candidate, do we have to use this method for all of them? It was agreed that we will find out how Academic HR currently handles this issue.
Beth Sandore Namachchivaya will work on an Research Programmer generic job description with Beth Woodard and will bring it back to EC.
2.        9:30-10 - AULs

  1. a.   Sue Searing: Strategic Plan update

Our current Strategic initiative covers 2012-2014. David Ward was leading the planning with Sue, Chris Prom and Tom Teper. The planning was not finished. Now that we are in the 2014 academic year, where do we go from here?
The AULS discussed the Strategic Plan with EC. The committee feels there is value in people getting together to talk about how to bring resources, energy and good ideas together. But do we need something as specific and lengthy as a Strategic Plan? John Wilkin would like to use this topic for the Library retreat in January to articulate priorities. John Wilkin will meet with Beth Woodard to discuss the retreat.
b.   NSM process
There was not enough time to discuss this, so it will be added to a future agenda.
c.   Discuss meeting between Provost and EC and AULs
EC gave John Wilkin a summary of what was discussed with the Provost. They discussed strategies for helping the Provost better understand the “faculty-ness” of library position requests.
3.         Approve Minutes from August 26
Approve with changes with a motion by Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Mary Laskowski.
4.         Question Time
The Provost had additional questions about our hiring plan; we didn’t follow the exact template. John Wilkin will tweak it and meet with the Provost again on September 25. Barb Wilson will also attend the meeting. EC will look at the current faculty requests and make suggestions for a stronger case.
Two personnel issues were discussed.
5.         Innovation Fund Report
Will be discussed at another meeting.
6.         Additional EC member on Title Change subgroup (David Ward has rotated off)

Jennifer Teper agreed to take this on.


8/27/13 – approved a search committee for the Research Data Service Director