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Executive Committee Minutes-06-02-2014

Executive Committee



June 2, 2014


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; Bill Mischo, vice-chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Mary Laskowski, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper; Visitors – Carol Buss, Cheryl Hinkel, Cindy Kelly, Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Beth Woodard


1.                  1:30-2 – Cindy Kelly – Carol Buss, Director, International Student and Scholarly Services (ISSS), Cheryl Hinkel, Assistant Director, ISSS – AULs, Beth Woodard
Cindy, Carol and Cheryl came to EC to discuss hiring people who are not US citizens and have a visa. They discussed the different visas and the length of time someone can work on certain visas.
There are several possible routes to acquiring an H1B visa, and subsequently a green card, for non-US citizens whom we wish to hire. Unfortunately, the two main routes to acquiring a green card—“Special handling” and “Outstanding researcher or professor—are not normally used when hiring positions such as librarians, administrative personnel, or computer occupations. These hires normally will go through a “PERM” process, and require proof that no US workers meet the minimum requirements for the job. Department of Labor rules also require extra steps to be taken in the search process that can draw it out considerably.
2.                  Approve Minutes from May 27
Minutes were approved with a motion by Mary Laskowski, seconded by Tim Cole.
3.                  Question Time
John Wilkin had asked FRC to prepare evaluative info on associate professors who may be ready to be reviewed for promotion to full professor, the intention being to encourage those faculty to move forward in the process. This exercise was an informal one for John’s benefit and will be done on an ongoing basis.
John asked Mary Laskowski and Lori Mestre to work with him to develop an agenda for the yearly tenured faculty meeting.
Budget – John Wilkin and Greg Knott have no new information at this time.
There was discussion about the Civil Service evaluation deadline. John Wilkin will ask Cindy Kelly to extend the deadline to July 15.
4.                  Finalize texts of position descriptions
a.      Manager, Research Information Systems
EC approved
b.      Head, Ricker Library
EC suggested this position be posted as Assistant, Associate or full Professor, instead of Associate or Full Professor. Approved.
c.       Visiting Curator, RBML
John Wilkin will meet with Kirstin Dougan, chair of this search, to discuss further.
d.      Others?
5.                  Unretreat reports summary
EC discussed the reports and will review the International report in greater detail at its next meeting.
6.                  Review of parking lot items
Deferred to another meeting.
7.                  Position Requests
Deferred to another meeting.
8.                  Innovation Fund Report – MPAL iPad Loans

Deferred to another meeting.