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Executive Committee Agenda 03-28-2014

Executive Committee



March 28, 2014


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Tim Cole, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, Jennifer Teper; Visitor – Sue Searing; Recording – Kim Matherly



1.                  10:00-10:30 – Sue Searing-NSM update
Archives – Sue, Bill Maher and Jeff Schrader are meeting weekly. They have discussed floor plans, square footage of shelving, furniture, and flooring. Asbestos was found under the tile flooring, so that will have to be removed before they can continue. Otherwise, things are coming along well,
Illinois History and Lincoln Collection – Now that the hiring plan and the requested position has been approved, the individual we hire will be able to deal with the backlogs.
ACRL is publishing a book regarding the difficult decisions to close or merge libraries. They asked for a call for papers and several UIUC librarians’ papers were chosen. The deadline for the final papers is mid-June.
John Wilkin asked Sue for a timeline from her and Jeff regarding the Archives NSM.
2.                  Approve Minutes from March 10
Minutes were approved with changes with a motion by Jennifer Teper, seconded by Tim Cole.
3.                  Question Time
EC discussed and confirmed the membership for the search committee for the AUL for IT.
John will send the approved hiring plan out to the Library. The budget for the CBOC is close to being finalized.
EC discussed the best way to advise John Wilkin regarding search committee membership.
4.                  Agenda items for next meeting with AULs
It was decided there would be two standing agenda items each month for the AULs: NSM update and Search update. Then EC will determine if they have any items and the AULs will be asked for items. EC does not have any agenda items for the next meeting.
EC would also like to make sure Greg Knott is invited to EC on a regular basis.
5.                  Select External and Internal Evaluators for P&T candidates
Evaluators were chosen.
6.                  Unretreat Reports
John Wilkin will work with Bill Mischo, as chair of EC, to send the reports out to the Library and ask for feedback.
7.                  Initial P&T discussion (both our guidelines and the potential need to start using impact factors; formal review of librarianship)
John Wilkin would like P&T to review the guidelines and make suggestions regarding the formal process of review of the librarianship piece.
8.                  AP Investigation Time Survey Report

Defer to next meeting.