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Executive Committee Minutes 05-06-2013

Executive Committee



May 6, 2013


323C Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitors-Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Tom Teper, Sue Searing;

Recording-Kim Matherly


1.                 1:30-AULs

a.  EC would like to know what they are working on
The AULs discussed the highlights of what they are working on.
b.  Strategic plan implementation items – Administration need a bigger role in implementation
The Strategic Plan (SP) does not fit under the job duties of just one AUL. The AULs will discuss who will take the lead on this.
There is one year left on the Library’s SP and the campus SP for University Administration is due the end of June. This may serve as a good road map, as it is coming in time for the fall discussion in the Library about what the process should be in developing the next plan.
The current strategic initiatives are good, but they didn’t mesh well with campus metrics. We should be clear as to whether we are doing something just for ourselves or something that meets the themes of campus. We need to find metrics that work for us.
In a related matter, Sue Searing proposed that the Library’s policies posted on various web pages need to be reviewed by EC to determine if they are still current and accurate.  That should be undertaken in summer 2013.  The EC briefly discussed the need for a routine review of Library web pages.
c.     EUI positions – ethnography of the university initiative
EC determined that the Library would support a hire for a librarian for this initiative, but would not be willing to add it to our hiring plan. Sue will contact Paul Diehl and let him know of the decision.
2.                 Approve minutes from April 22
Approved with changes by a motion from Lynne Rudasill, seconded by Mary Laskowski.
3.                 Question Time
Adriana Cuervo is leaving so Lynne has agreed to do Kirstin Dougan’s promotion and tenure papers by herself, unless someone else is identified to work with her.
EC discussed where we are with the Data Services Proposal. The proposal had to be recast to lower costs. Beth Sandore is leading the group working on the proposal and it should be finished soon.
Update on the UL Search-the committee met and made a recommendation to the Provost. In is in the Provost’s hands now.
In a discussion of zero-time appointments EC agreed that the prior practice of bringing these proposals to the Library faculty for review at a faculty meeting was in keeping with the Library bylaws.
4.                 Cost of acquiring images from the University Archives
Archives will get Paula an estimate of the cost for producing our images for our libraries. Paula will set up a fund to cover the costs. There will be a review process in the case of someone wanting a large number of images.
5.                 Humanities Hub Planning Team Report
EC received the report and thanked the team for their efforts. The Humanities Division will be meeting soon and will provide their input.
EC would like to meet with Sarah Williams and Beth Sandore to discuss the eResearch Committee and what trends they see and talk about support for humanities.
6.                 AUL Evaluations

EC discussed the AUL Evaluations with Paula. Paula will meet with each of the AULs.