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Executive Committee Minutes 04-01-2013

Executive Committee


April 1, 2013


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice-chair; Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitors-Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper; Recording – Kim Matherly


1.                  1:30-AULs

  1. a.     Title Change Process-ensure there is a documented process for ongoing title change needs

EC will come up with a process for continuing to make title changes as needed. This will be added to another agenda for further discussion.
Currently, everyone who made the initial request to have their title changed has been contacted.
b.     Discuss draft of annual report/budget requests that Sue sent out
The group discussed the report. If anyone has comments, please send them to Sue.
c.     Discuss the interviews for UL Dean Search
The group talked about having a standard questions for the candidates . The Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for User Services (USAC) met and discussed areas they want to hear about from the candidates. David will send the list from USAC out to EC members. Two of the candidates have themselves contacted Paula to ask questions.
d.    Update on the status of the proposal that the Data Stewardship Committee prepared for the VCR
The Library, through the Data Stewardship Committee prepared this proposal. The Vice Chancellor for Research feels it should be headquartered in the Library, partnered with NCSA. The NSF proposal is to build storage and high performance computing. The proposal requested funding for eight lines; four for the technology infrastructure (including a repository for the preservation of research data), and four positions working with researchers. It will be important for the library to collaborate with CITES on the issues raised by the proposal.
Beth will send EC the slide presentation that was presented to the VCR
Ethnography of the University of Illinois (EUI)-There is a need for a Librarian and an AP to support UG research. This was proposed to us by the Office of UG research. We have increasing collaborations with this office. Ellen Swain has done a significant amount of work, which is archived based, for this group. Paula met with Paul Diehl, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, to discuss submitting a proposal to the Provost to request the needed positions to support undergraduate research programs. EC will ask Sue Searing to attend another meeting to discuss this proposal more thoroughly.
2.                 Approve minutes from March 25
Approved with a motion by John Wagstaff, seconded by Nancy O’Brien.
3.                 Question Time
EC discussed a personnel issue.
EC discussed the CITES phishing issue, including the “news management” aspects.
John asked to have the Humanities HUB report added to the next agenda.
EC discussed the Library Senate Committee and encouraging Library faculty to run for the senate seats. The continuing Library senators are Jim Hahn (08/15/14), Valerie Hotchkiss (08/15/14), Bill Maher (08/15/14), and Mary Mallory (08/15/14).
Paula commented on the budget. Campus has cash from positions we are searching for, but won’t fill until next year. Looking ahead, campus believes we will have some pension costs and some healthcare costs shifted to University by  the State. The State is less able to give us money, revenues will not increase very much and expenditures continue to increase. The prediction is that by 2017, things could be very difficult financially, so we should start planning now. Campus has asked each college to report what cost-cutting measures we have taken. The Library is sitting very well, because of all the work we’ve done with NSMs and our use of consortia, etc.
4.                 PRC for Faculty Member
A PRC was suggested and Paula will contact the members
5.                 Diversity Committee Charge

EC made some suggestions regarding the charge. It will be sent back to Cindy Ingold.



3/27/13 – Approved Preservation position search committee