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Executive Committee Minutes 02-04-2013

Executive Committee



February 4, 2013


428 Library


Present: Sarah Shreeves, Secretary; Mary Laskowski, Carissa Phillips, Chris Prom, John Wagstaff, David Ward; Visitors: Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper


1.                  1:30 – AULs

  1. a.     Hiring Plan

Discussed the priority for the different positions with the AULs. Paula will talk with Rod about availability of funds.
b.     Timeline for AUL Reviews –
Kim will add the document to the EC standing policies web site. The Admin office will set up the survey.
2.                 Approve minutes from January 28
The minutes were approved with changes by a motion from John Wagstaff, seconded by Mary Laskowski.
3.                 Question Time
Some members were not at the last meeting and wanted to be updated regarding the personnel issue that was discussed.
Paula discussed the general rules for TOP (Target of Opportunity) hires. The first choice in a faculty or AP search, once approved, will receive 100% permanent funding from the Provost’s office. The second choice in a Faculty search will receive 40-50% funding for three years.
If we have a candidate that we think would be a good match for a position and they qualify for TOP, we can send the request to the Provost’s office where it will be vetted by a campus committee. We have to prove the person does or will maintain an active research agenda.
Chris asked to verify the members that were suggested for the ILHC NSM.
David Ward and Tom Teper have met to discuss moving the title changes along. Paula has spoken with Cindy Kelly, who will make this her top priority. David and Tom will meet with Cindy, Beth Woodard and Donna Hoffman next week to discuss next steps.
4.                 Plan for February 6 Faculty Meeting
Budget – The state is telling the University that it will probably get a cut of under 5% and campus has verified that they can handle that amount. The Deans are expecting a late budget this year. There has also been some discussion that the state may start transferring more pension responsibilities to the University.
Hiring plan is almost done.
Update on Librarian search. There is ongoing recruiting. The search committee will begin the review of applications on February 15. Airport interviews will take place by the end of March. On-site interviews will take place in April.
5.                 Candidate Presentations
Candidates are asked to give presentations. Some are asked for their presentation to lead an instruction session as they would do it for a group of undergraduates, for example. EC feels this is a restrictive way to scope out presentations, and that there needs to be more guidance in the search procedures manual. Asking the candidate to do only a teaching presentation provides an incomplete view of the individual. EC would like to add to the manual that the expectation is for the candidate to make a presentation to the faculty/staff on an appropriate topic to the position responsibilities. The format should match the way faculty are expected to present at professional meetings. If other skills are needed, such as teaching, that should be an additional presentation. 
6.                 Changes to the tenure review process
David will send a document to EC and this will be added to the next meeting agenda.
7.                 GAs for Division Coordinators
EC discussed this issue and the topic will be added to the next AC meeting. David and Mary will put together a document to be vetted by AC.
8.                Full Professor FRC (4) & PTA (6)

Paula will ask certain members of the faculty to serve as editors for this year’s P&T.



1/4/2013 – Approved by email: position description for 50% AP grant funded for DMP Tool