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Executive Committee Minutes 08-06-2012

Executive Committee



August 6, 2012


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Laskowski, Lynne Rudasill, Beth Woodard; Visitors: Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Tom Teper; Recording: Kim Matherly


1.                 1:30-AULs
AUL review process
The AULs talked with EC about a better process for the yearly AUL review. EC would like to have a process in place before next year’s review. Paula K. asked what input would be most valuable. EC and the AULs want to make sure faculty continue to have input in the review.
The AULs would like something that is more productive; something that would involve more constructive feedback and a chance for professional growth.
EC discussed creating a list of questions that faculty would answer regarding the AULs’ performance, but also include an area for additional comments. They discussed hiring a firm that would interview individuals regarding AUL performance. They discussed some of the work that was done with RTG. Beth S. will look for the questions/survey RTG did with the IT group.
Beth S. will also look into what CIC does that is similar to what is being discussed. Lynne Rudasill will work with Beth S. and will have something to present to EC by the end of August.
Humanities charge
EC discussed the new Main Library Humanities Hub charge with the AULs.
Sue will serve on the committee at the administrative liaison. They discussed the kinds of input that would be important to the committee. Paula K. asked the AULs to look over the charge and send JoAnn any comments. JoAnn will charge the committee.
2.                 2:00-Sue – SAC charge and membership
Sue would like to change the name to USAC since she is the User Services AUL.
EC suggested that Sue appoint a management advisory group of whomever she needs to advise her.
Sue will work with the USAC team to come up with a more focused charge and a streamlined membership. This group will think long-term to develop new services and discuss some services that no longer work. The committee will be smaller, but they will pull in individuals as needed for specific agenda items.
Sue will address the membership when she gets back from vacation.
3.                 Approve minutes from July 23
Minutes were approved with changes by a motion from Mary Laskowski, seconded by JoAnn Jacoby.
4.                 Question Time

User Ed wants another faculty member to replace someone who left. JoAnn will ask a faculty member to serve.


EC discussed a personnel issue.


Beth submitted the hiring request to replace the RBML curator. EC suggested a search committee for the position.


EC discussed the DSTF report and will be in contact with the members of the task force.


As of August 16, search committees no longer be required to have a minority person on the search committee and don’t need a waiver.


Search committee chairs should be provided a link to the subject specialist competencies when they are developing job descriptions.


It was suggested that in the next strategic planning revision process we put in an initiative for a culture of respect in the Library-civility, kindness, diversity-needs to be in our values.


PRC for faculty member
Someone was suggested and Paula K. will contact them.
6.                 Staff Development & Training Committee change
Cindy Ingold will be added as an ex officio member.
7.                 Humanities Hub Planning Team
EC discussed the charge taking into consideration the suggestions made by the AULs. JoAnn will ask the suggested members to serve.
8.                 Office of Collections New Service Model Team
EC determined that this is a task force, not a new service model. Tom will meet with individuals and will make a recommendation to EC.
9.                 Title changes
EC discussed the title changes.
10.            Space Proposals
A team made up of Mary, Lynne, one AUL and Jeff Schrader, will talk to the individuals who sent in proposals for 146 to get clarification. Then they will make a recommendation to EC.
11.             Functional Specialist Next Steps

Mary will work on the charge. Membership was suggested and Paula will ask individuals to serve.