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Executive Committee Minutes 12-12-2011

Executive Committee


December 12, 2011


428     Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves, Greg Youngen; Visitor – Mary Laskowski, Scott Walter


Absent:  Kim Matherly


  1. 1.                  Meet with Scott Walter to discuss the Library Strategic Plan (1:30-1:45)


EC suggested some specific wording changes as well as ideas about moving some  items from one section to another.


David Ward noted that he had not yet incorporated all of the EC comments from last time, particular the suggestion to bullet section IV Guiding Values, but will do so before the document goes out. .


2.         Approved minutes from November 28 and December 5


Suggestions for improvements for both sets of minutes were given, and the minutes corrected.  JoAnn Jacoby made a motion to approve both sets of minute with corrections, and Lynne Rudasill seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


3.         Question Time


There was some discussion of processing backlogs and how we should keep backlogs from forming.  It was noted that there is a need to be responsible stewards of our collections, including keeping materials where they are appropriate, such as in the Rare Book collection, and the need for subject experts to prioritize the time to make such determinations.


            There was a reminder that the disposition of the Central Access Services position with Mary Burkee’s leaving has not been determined.  Cherie Weible will submit a proposal in the next few months.


There were some questions about the BEL NSM since there have not been minutes posted lately.  The report is due on Friday, so there should be something soon.


EC office hours were held last week, but no one attended.


Paula noted that EC and AULs and a few others are meeting with the Chancellor on Friday morning.  This is the Chancellor’s meeting, but there was a brief discussion of priorities that the library would like to address with her, including expertise and hiring, space, and the UL recruitment. The Library faculty as a whole will meet with her on January 31.


4.         Discussion topics for the next AUL/EC meeting (12/21)


As the most important topic that came up was the hiring plan, and our plan calls for us to discuss with the AULs at the end of January, David Ward will see if the AULs have topics they want to discuss with us.  If not, then we will not meet with the AULs next week.


5.         Common committee/pool for search chairs


There was little interest expressed at the last Faculty meeting for a common search committee, so the group discussed alternatives that might help the search process.  One suggestion was to have more experienced search chairs.  Another suggestion was to have Cindy Kelly and Donna Hoffman meet monthly with search committee chairs to share common concerns and issues.  David will discuss with Cindy and Donna.


Paula Kaufman raised the question of whether or not the Library should consider using search firms in its hiring process.  The consensus was that only in very special cases should the Library consider using a search firm.


6.        Research Support


Last year the tenured faculty group talked about having better support for Library faculty research, such as is offered in Colleges such as ACES and Engineering.  One suggestion was to reorganize RPC as more of a support group, providing more support for research methodologies.  Beth Woodard for staff training and Beth Sandore for grant writing were added to RPC as ex officio members, but the RPC charge was not re-written.  EC will examine the RPC charge at its next meeting.