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Executive Committee Minutes 12-05-2011

Executive Committee


December 05, 2011


428     Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Prom, Greg Youngen; Visitor – Mary Laskowski


Absent:  Kim Matherly, Sarah Shreeves, Lynne Rudasill


1.         Question Time


There was some discussion of how current searches are going, and what things we should be adding to the search documentation to make things go smoother.


Paula Kaufman noted that the Chancellor is having a retreat next week.


Paula Kaufman noted that the Chancellor is meeting with EC on Friday, December 16 at 8 am.  The Chancellor will meet with the all faculty on Tuesday, January 31, from 3 to 4 pm in 126 GSLIS.


Paula Carns noted that the Search Procedures documentation is coming along, and the group needs to meet with Cindy Kelly to finalize revisions, then ask Scott Walter to review before sending to EC.


2.         Replacement for Greg Youngen on User Education

            A name was suggested.  Paula Kaufman will contact the individual.


3.         Title Changes—to discuss process, including desirability/requirement of updated job descriptions.

            After the discussion at the faculty meeting where there was interest in having primary

job titles be Assistant-, Associate-, Professor of Library Administration with secondary titles that indicate job responsibility, Paula Kaufman has learned that we may also be able to change “Library Administration” to something else.  Chris Prom will check with Bill Maher to see about the history of this title.  David Ward will start an email discussion on libfac-l to see what people think about an alternative like Associate Professor, University Library.


As for the secondary title, requests for title changes should come to along with an updated job description and a short justification of why the change is needed.  EC will advise the Dean on these changes.


4.          Life Sciences Division Staffing Proposal

The proposal was discussed, and noted that these positions will need to be ranked along with other proposals, and the IT staffing plan, for the revision to the Hiring Plan due in February.


5.         Library Strategic Plan/Operational Plan

There was a discussion of comments made by Paula Kaufman and the AULs. EC offered additional suggestions.

Paula Carns gave some general information about her investigation into operational plans which gives details about how strategic plans are going to be carried out and assigns responsibilities. There was some consensus that this would be a good idea, but concern that it would delay getting the strategic plan out, and we shouldn’t try to do that this year.


David Ward asked for suggestions with specific examples to flesh out some of the very general wording in the current version, such as actual projects to pursue as part of larger initiatives like innovation and collections. Chris Prom will send wording suggestions for the backlog section. David will document today’s discussion and update for next week’s discussion with Scott Walter.




Approved extension of Visiting Slavic Acquisitions Specialist—11/29/11