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Executive Committee Minutes 11-28-2011

Executive Committee



November 28, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves, Greg Youngen; Visitors – Mary Laskowski, Tom Teper, Beth Sandore, Lisa Hinchliffe


  1. 1.                 AULS
    1. a.     Discuss job hiring process and timeline

EC and AULS know different things and it was discussed how to keep both groups informed.


The deadline for position requests is January 3rd.EC will discuss at its meetings on January 5th and 9th, and then discuss with AULs at the January 26th EC meeting.


We should be thinking about how our hiring plan meshes with campus strategic priorities.


One idea is to ask for positional needs and ideas, cluster hiring, but not specific “positions.” David Ward suggested that we tweak the cover sheets to emphasize needs.


The deadline for position requests is December 23rd.  EC will discuss at its meetings on January 5th and 9th, and then discuss with AULs at the January 26th EC meeting.


There was a suggestion that we could decide to ask for a small number of positions now, addressing critical needs, and more fully articulate plans for June. 


There was some discussion of the use of Adjunct faculty in other departments, and the lecturer designation.  his is a different class of faculty. We should look at what campus does and discuss further. Paula Kaufman will get us copies of the document and put it on our parking lot.


  1. b.     Review the IT staffing plan

How does the IT staffing plan fit into the Hiring Plan looking forward? We will need to evaluate the positions requested to see how they will fit into our overall hiring plan.

Technology infrastructure is a critical need to support implementing the strategic plan. 


It was agreed to invite Beth Sandore back for more discussion at a later meeting.


  1. 2.                 Approve minutes from November 14

Approved. Moved by Jacoby, and seconded by Shreeves.


  1. 3.                 Question Time

Confirm members of the IMLS grant position search committee.

There was some discussion that the search process documentation needs to include how to handle identification of minorities from other searches and how to contact those individuals and encourage them to apply. 


The one search committee discussion at faculty meeting was not met with enthusiasm, so EC will discuss alternative options.


Items on the Parking Lot were reviewed and those that had already been addressed were removed.


Information about title changes will be brought to the next EC meeting.


The group discussed the need for an institutional research plan that could include evidenced-based decision making, discovery and access, user experience and usability and user-centered services.


  1. 4.                 User Education Committee charge discussion with Lisa Hinchliffe

EC has received a report from User Ed each year regarding the operations and accomplishments of the committee during its review process.  Currently, the committee provides guidance and advice, but has difficulty carrying through more than a few projects due to overwork of committee members.  People are not attending meetings consistently, and Lisa has explored other options, such as longer meetings less frequently, and so on.  Other projects are just difficult for committees to do. Committee has frequently had a lot of untenured folks, so some more senior folks might help. Lisa sees it as her job to review minutes of meetings of other committees.  Since some groups do not post its meeting minutes, it is difficult for her to monitor some instructional needs. One that became an issue this year was the ORR replacement work through CAPT. There was some discussion regarding how the committee will work with the Scholarly Commons, with the Services Advisory Committee, and with the Reference Services Committee. There is some concern about continuing to have someone from IT represented on the committee as the current IT person is there in a library-wide position.


  1. 5.                 Life Sciences Division Staffing Proposal

There was not time to adequately discuss the full proposal, but it was agreed to have Diane Schmidt split her time between Burrill Hall and Vet Med until the end of June. The rest of the proposal will be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. 6.          Library Strategic/Operational Plan

     This item was deferred to the next meeting.