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Executive Committee Minutes 10-03-2011

Executive Committee



October 3, 2011


428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Lynne Rudasill, Greg Youngen; Visitors – Scott Walter, Lisa Romero


 1.          12:00-12:30  -- Strategic Plan Documents  (David Ward and Scott Walter)









 2.                 Approve minutes from September 26

A list of tEC members who were present were added to the minutes, and other corrections were made before the minutes were approved.

 3.                 Question Time

A replacement on Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee during Sue Searing’s sabbatical was approved.  Beth Woodard will serve in that role.


The need to fill the post of parliamentarian and a position on the agenda committee were discussed, owing to Al Kagan’s resignation from both positions.  The group identified an individual to fill the parliamentarian position and Paula Kaufman will talk to that individual.  David Ward will talk to Harriett Green to ask NEVP to hold an election for a new member to the agenda committee.


Greg Youngen clarified some questions about the Task Force on Subject Specialist Roles and Responsibilities.


There were questions about two personnel issues and discussion of possible vacancies due to retirements.


4.     Technical Architect position announcement

The final version of position posting was reviewed and approved.


5.     Discuss recruitment of candidates (continued)


Beth Woodard and Paula Kaufman are working on possible introductory paragraphs that would be used in our job advertisements.  Some tailoring would be possible for each position.  Upon examination of some other position announcements distributed, words and phrases such as “passion” and “eager agent for change” had some resonance for the group.  EC members will send suggestions to Paula Kaufman and Beth Woodard.


A strategy discussed was how to handle recruiting at ALA Midwinter.  Paula Kaufman will investigate how the placement center is handled to see whether it is worth her time to go for a day to convey the message that we are rebuilding our faculty.  Another suggestion was to prepare electronic descriptions of all currently available positions for everyone going to ALA, and asking all to take on recruiting roles. 


6.     RRSS Head search position announcement

The final version of the position posting was reviewed and approved with some modifications.


7.                 Discuss topics for next AUL/EC meeting (10/21)

Strategic planning

Proposed IT staffing plan

AUL office hours


8.           Proposal for combined search committee

The group discussed pursuing the idea of a pool of people who would serve 2 year staggered terms as members of a core search committee.  Chairs and specific individuals or representatives from certain areas could be pulled in as needed.  David Ward and JoAnn Jacoby will draft a document for EC input.  The goal is to discuss it at the November 16 faculty meeting.  Since Barbara Ford has served in a library where this method was used, her input will be sought.


9.     2:10-2:30 – Lisa Romero – Chair, Latin American & Caribbean Studies Librarian search committee


Paula Carns described the relationship of this position with hers and the background that would complement the expertise already extant in the Literatures and Languages Library.  Discussion led to the recommendation that the MLS be a preferred qualification in relation to an advanced degree and the addition of an ALA-accredited MLS degree equivalent for those educated outside the United States.  EC discussed the search process with Lisa. Once the search committee meets, Lisa will send the final job description to Scott Walter, who will forward it back to EC for approval. EC also discussed recruitment and diversity with Lisa.


10.   EC Office Hours report (JoAnn Jacoby)

No one attended the EC Office hour last week.  There was some discussion of sending out reminders earlier, perhaps the week before, about whether the space was appropriate, and that access to a laptop might be desirable if individuals coming want to discuss a particular document or policy.


11.  Classifications – Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves

Lynne Rudasill reported that she and Sarah had received several recommendations and have incorporated them into the next draft.  The AP section has been reformatted to be consistent with the others.  Once they have the 5 criteria for AP positions from campus, they will incorporate those as well.

The roles of faculty in shaping library policy and in shaping academic policy on campus will also be included.


12. Map and Geography Library

There was a brief discussion of the proposal for the name change of the Map and Geography Library, but since not everyone had read the documents sent earlier in the day, discussion will be continued at the next meeting.



Hiring Plan Schedule (9/29/2011)