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Executive Committee Agenda 08-29-2011

Executive Committee



August 29, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves, Greg Youngen; Visitors – Jenny Johnson, Cindy Kelly, Tom Teper, Scott Walter; Recording – Kim Matherly


Actions taken between this meeting and the last one:

Approval of the South Asian Studies Librarian position announcement (8/25/2011)


  1. 1.                 1:30pm – Jenny Johnson – Map Library Name

Jenny made a presentation to EC giving her reasons for the name she would like for the Map Library.


EC would like Jenny to talk to the Special Collections Division about her ideas and get the divisions feedback.


  1. 2.                 3:00pm - Tom Teper, Scott Walter – Charge for CDC/SAC Joint Working Group

Scott will take the wording for the charge that Paula had suggested and revise the document.  EC refocused the charge to put more emphasis on preparing a document to help in the preparation of position descriptions for subject specialists here, added to the last bullet point of the charge that notes that we may extend this review of roles and responsibilities to other areas, and discussed membership changes.


  1. 3.                 3:30pm – Scott Walter, Cindy Kelly-LHR and Searches

Scott and Cindy had a list of the job searches going on and the ones that have been approved. They will stagger the searches so that a new search is started every two to three weeks. Priority will be based on the hiring plan.


  1. 4.                 Approve minutes from August 24

Minutes approved with changes.


  1. 5.                 Question Time

There have been some questions about EC’s role in drafting and approving position descriptions. EC sees the position descriptions when a request is made to fill a position. It then approves the final version after the search committee has seen the description.


Lynne Rudasill and Sarah Shreeves will work on a document to address AP positions.


  1. 6.                 SHEL Implementation Team Draft

Members were suggested.


  1. 7.                 TOP

There is a new revised Communication #7. Some of the highlights are to find pools of applicants that are diverse as possible. The Provost’s office would like the TOP candidates to be recognized from current searches, where the person may have been a 2nd or 3rd choice for the current position.


  1. 8.                 Research and Publication Committee

Members were suggested.


  1. 9.                 Faculty Job Descriptions – what is the role of the job description and who is responsible for keeping them up-to-date

This topic will be discussed at a Faculty Meeting.


  1. 10.            Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian Search

This will be discussed over email.