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Executive Committee Minutes 06-11-2012

Executive Committee



June 11, 2012


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair, David Ward, Vice-Chair, Beth Woodard, Secretary, Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill; Visitors-Sue Searing, Tom Teper; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.                 Approve minutes from June 4
Approved with changes. Motion by David Ward, seconded by Paula Carns
2.                 Question Time
EC discussed the LIS Librarian position.
EC discussed the IT positions that have been requested and would like to know what positions are currently in IT and what the responsibilities of each position are. Paula K. will ask Beth Sandore to compile the information for EC.
EC briefly discussed the space requests.
The Library would like to participate in the job list placement center at ALA. Paula K. will send out a request for people who will be going to ALA to staff our booth there on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24.
EC expects to receive the Divisional Structure Task Force report on June 15.
There is a problem with the New Reference Service Model for people who are affiliated with two divisions. From which division do they give their time? There needs to be more clarification about that issue.
A personnel issue was discussed.
3.                 Discuss topics for next AUL/EC meeting (6/19)
Talk about a subgroup of EC to work with one or more AULs and Jeff to discuss the space proposals. Jeff will be invited to the 6/19 meeting.
Lynne, Beth, and Mary will work with the AULs and Jeff to discuss space.
4.                 Committee Assignments
EC made committee assignments and Paula K. will ask individuals to serve.
5.                 Search Committee – Head, Central Access Services-review job announcement
A committee was suggested. Paula K. will ask members to serve.
6.                 Title changes
There needs to be consistency. A decision will need to be made as to whether some titles will continue to be used and how the titles will be used. EC will continue this discussion.
7.                 Functional Specialist Responsibilities Group

This will be discussed at a future meeting.