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Executive Committee Minutes 04-23-2012

Executive Committee



April 23, 2012


428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman, chair, David Ward, Vice-Chair, Beth Woodard, Secretary, Joann Jacoby, Sarah Shreeves, Mary Laskowski, Chris Prom, Paula Carns, Lynne Rudasill, Beth Sandore, guest, Tom Teper, guest


Absent:  Kim Matherly, recording secretary, Scott Walter, guest

Discussion of Cost of Knowledge website where 10,000 people have refused to serve as peer reviewers because of high cost of Elsevier journals.
AUL Evaluations. This summer we will schedule another meeting about next year’s evaluation once we have a third AUL.  This year’s will be a similar process as last year.  Tom and Beth will turn in reports on April 30.  It was decided that EC will send an open call to Libnews-L for feedback on the AULS after reports are submitted 4/30.
Paula would like to have helpful information in a more timely way. She would like a better way to get insights into things that she does not know. So far nothing has been a surprise. We should also talk about what might be useful for a new University Librarian who doesn’t know the AULs as well. 
It was agreed that documenting what has happened in the past year, and specifying goals for the coming year are useful activities.
One suggestion was for EC to meet individually with each AUL without the University Librarian to discuss more fully.
We should also look at normalizing the calendar for this, with goals for next year being set up around this time of year.
Coordinating papers for incoming librarians for tenure
FRC now has the final versions of the proposals for appointing librarians with tenure and the full professor process, and P & T hopes to have both ready to send to EC this week.
Orient New AUL
Beth Woodard will ask Kim Matherly to schedule a special meeting with the AULs and EC to discuss the Hiring Plan and the overlap in the AUL’s profiles.
Personnel issue
The movement of a position in status and reporting line was discussed.
Paula Kaufman gave an update on a previously discussed personnel issue.
Approve minutes from April 9
A correction was made to the last item under Question Time to reflect that the new AUL position has not yet been appointed.  Minutes were approved as corrected.
Question Time
A question was raised about the Chemistry New Service Model report.  The committee will be invited to send a draft prior to the deadline if they would like additional feedback.
Classics New Service Model.  The Head of the department will not be here over the summer, so we will need to wait until fall to discuss the Classics position and where the library should be located physically.  A suggestion was made to include someone from medieval studies on the committee as well.
            SSHEL New Services.  A suggestion was made to make an appointment with Jeff
Schrader to work on a revised floor plan.
HPNL apps
A process for interviewing the applicants was discussed.  One representative from the unit will be invited to join EC as the screening committee for a half hour interview, and candidates will also have an opportunity to meet with staff in the unit for one half hour.    Beth Woodard will ask Donna to schedule.
Peer review committees for two faculty
A list of recommendations for Paula Kaufman to ask were drawn up.
Coordinator titles – appropriate, how to regularize the application of the title; Other titles
This discussion was deferred to the next meeting.
 Promotion and Tenure and Faculty Review Committees for Full professor consideration this fall

A draft list of people were recommended, pending determination of promotion decisions by campus.


Email Decisions:

4/11/12  Approved emeritus status for a retiring faculty member

4/11/12  Approved emeritus status for a retiring faculty member

4/17/12  Approved search committee for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences Librarian

4/17/12  Approved University Librarian’s annual review

4/20/12  Approved job announcement for the Visiting Metadata Librarian for Web-Scale Discovery

4/20/12 Approved job announcement of the Visiting Digital Library Research Librarian

4/20/12  Approved job announcement of the Visiting Archival Operations and Reference Specialist

4/20/12  Approved job announcement of the Visiting Program Manager (IMLS)