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Executive Committee Minutes 03-16-2012

Executive Committee



March 16, 2012


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Laskowski, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves; Visitors – Tom Teper


  1. 1.                 1-1:30 – Tom – CDC and collection development/management activities in light of the substantial changes that we are seeing in the Library’s personnel profile, etc.

EC talked with Tom about the positions he’d like to see in Collections. Tom needs a more nimble process for advice and feedback. Making positions a part of another faculty member’s duties was one idea. Adding it to a Division Coordinator’s responsibilities was another. EC asked Tom to submit a more defined job description.


  1. 2.                 JoAnn Jacoby, Chair, Patron Services Manager for CAS (AP)

The search committee launch meeting is scheduled for next. Beth commented that campus is looking for a smaller list of requirements and how much Library experience is really needed, hoping to open up positions to a more diverse pool.


  1. 3.                 Approve minutes from March 5

We need to add in the things that have been approved by email. Minutes were approved with changes.


  1. 4.                 BIS Implementation Team Report

JoAnn reported that the collections are being moved and that Tom will be meeting with the BEL faculty to determine how to split the budget to cover Business and Finance. Mary reported that IPM is clearing out the backroom to get the space ready for painting. They plan to shift out the rest next week.


EC would like to thank the team for all their work and appreciate them proceeding to complete the tasks as delegated.


  1. 5.                 SSHEL final report

EC discussed the feedback it received on the report. EC will invite Nancy O’Brien to attend the next meeting to further discuss the report.


  1. 6.                 Division Structure Task Force discussion – final report

EC discussed the report. Lisa Hinchliffe will be invited to an EC meeting to discuss the report further.


  1. 7.                 Innovation Fund

This will be discussed at a future meeting.


  1. 8.                 Awards Task Force

EC endorses the basic concept. The Task Force will be reappointed as a permanent committee with staggered terms.


  1. 9.                 Hiring Plan—Vet med and Biology positions

This will be discussed at a future meeting.


  1. 10.            Question Time

Unit head retirements are handled division by division and by the agreement the individual faculty member makes with Paula K. Their voting rights are determined by the division


  1. 11.             Strategic Planning Follow-up

This will be discussed at a future meeting.



Approval by Email: 


3/8 Approved search waiver (for 18 month Visiting Digital Library Research Librarian)  and search from IT fee (2 year Visiting Metadata Librarian for Web-scale Discovery)

3/8  DITPS job announcement approved

3/8 Approved Oak street facilities hiring plan

3/13 Approved Visiting Metadata Librarian Search Committee

3/14/12 – Approved search for Visiting Metadata Librarian and recommended search committee appointments. Approved waiver for Visiting Digital Library Research Librarian