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Executive Committee Agenda 02-06-2012

Executive Committee



February 6, 2012


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Laskowski, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill, Sarah Shreeves; Visitors – Becky Smith, Scott Walter

1.                          1:30-2:00 – Becky Smith, Scott Walter – Business Information Services Report

EC discussed its recommendations with Becky and Scott. EC will create an addendum based on this discussion, which will be forwarded to the team.  EC will ask for a response in one month to the questions posed in the response.

2.                 Approve minutes from January 26


3.                 Question Time

EC discussed concerns with the lack of aggressive recruiting, especially in recruiting a diverse group of applicants.


EC discussed training/orientation for unit heads and the different units they need to meet with when they are appointed.


SSHEL requested an extension for the implementation plan. They will be given until March 1.


EC (minus Paula K.) will check with Barb Wilson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, to see what needs to be done concerning the Dean of Libraries search.


Feedback on the strategic leadership document that has been received to date was discussed.  Paula Kaufman will write a paragraph about the overlap between the positions. 

 4.                 Discuss topics for next AUL/EC meeting (2/27)

a.     AUL position description

b.     Strategic planning next steps

c.     David will ask the AULs if there are any items they want to discuss

5.                 Requests for next hiring plan

The next call will be mid- to late spring, possibly with a March 30th deadline


EC discussed a new template to include functions as well as positions, whereby a unit that has needs for certain functions, but does not have enough duties for a full time person can submit those functions. Mary Laskowski will work on a adapting the old template to accommodate those requests as well as traditional position requests.


NCSU has a program (the NCSU Libraries Fellow Program) that hires individuals for short-term special projects that is similar to what EC has in mind. Chris and Sarah will take a look at the program and bring back a proposal to EC.


Paula K. will send out the current hiring plan.

6.                 Lynne Rudasill – chair, Biomedical search

EC discussed the position description with Lynne and made some suggestions. Lynne will incorporate the changes.

7.                 Next steps for the strategic plan

Implementation. Assign responsibilities for each goal, determine assessment and reporting plan, task specifics and give deadlines.


The open meeting for the Strategic Plan is February 29 from 3:30-4:30 in 66 Library. This will give faculty and staff an opportunity to ask questions and to talk about who would be best to take on work in each area and to find out who might already be doing work in each area. David will ask for input ahead of time to help guide talking points.

 8.                 Process for secondary title change requests

Paula K. will talk to Cindy Kelly about the procedures for making these changes. Then once EC has a template for review of the secondary title, Paula K. will send out a message explaining the process for review of a change to the secondary title (which requires the Dean’s signature), and ask people to indicate if they plan to ask for a review of their current secondary title or state that they are ok with the current one.

9.                 Subject Specialist Task Force Report Feedback

EC approved the report with changes. As soon as the changes have been made the document will be posted.


EC also suggest a search committee for the South Slavic Librarian position in IAS.