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Executive Committee Minutes 01-09-2012

Executive Committee



January 9, 2012


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Mary Laskowski, Chris Prom, Lynne Rudasill; Visitor – Scott Walter


  1. 1.                 1:30-2 – Search Procedures Documentation(Scott)

It was determined that EC needs to meet with the search chair early in the search. A timeline will be added to the overview. A template for position announcements will be created. An example interview schedule will be added for AP positions. All content in appendices needs to be moved into the document. Appendices should be for reference only. Beth will make suggested changes and bring the documents back to EC.


  1. 2.                 Approve minutes from December 21 and January 5

Minutes were approved with changes.


  1. 3.                 Question Time

The Strategic Planning Task Force met. They will be sending an update to EC. EC will post the document for comment and then take the document to the next faculty meeting for additional comment. EC will schedule an open session for staff comment and will then discuss next steps.


  1. 4.                 Strategic Leadership Direction for the Library

EC discussed a draft document and will continue discussing at the next meeting.


  1. 5.                 Discuss topics for next AUL/EC meeting (1/26)

EC will talk to the AULs about the hiring plan.


  1. 6.          NSM coordinator position

Assessment measures will be discussed with Assessment Coordinator, when he arrives. How do we know we’ve been successful? What immerging issues need to be addressed? The ongoing launching of new service models will be the responsibilities of the AULs.



  1. 7.          Chemistry NSM charge feedback

This will be by email or at a later meeting.


  1. 8.                 Subject Specialist Task Force Report Feedback

This will be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. 9.                 Hiring Plan

EC discussed the plan and will continue to discuss the plan at the next meeting.


  1. 10.            University Library Innovation and Seed Funds

Paula K. will send out the document with a deadline for submissions.