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Executive Committee Minutes November 9, 2010


Executive Committee



November 9, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Paula Carns, JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo; David Ward; Greg Youngen; Karen Hogenboom; Visitors - Rod Allen; Beth Sandore; Marek Sroka; Tom Teper; Scott Walter; Recording-Kim Matherly


1.                 8:30 - AULs - regular

Marek Sroka - RPC

EC is investigating ways to expand support for the research needs of faculty. The committee met with the Marek Sroka, chair of RPC to discuss expanding that group's role in mentoring and providing support for faculty research needs. Other colleges have developed faculty mentoring programs which might serve as possible models, such as ACES (see and the Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education's Fast Start program. 


This will be added as a discussion item at the next faculty meeting.

Discussion Questions: What training and mentorship needs should the library be providing more support for, in order to help faculty develop as researchers and be successful in promotion and tenure endeavors?  What is the best way to organize and allocate support for these mentoring activities?


Marek suggested RPC might establish a "research interests" wiki to start the conversation on possible new ideas.


2.                 9:30 - Rod Allen - Budget Update

Rod gave an update on the current budget situation and talked about possible cuts for next year and how we will cover them.


3.                 Approve minutes from October 26 & 29

Deferred to next meeting.


4.                 Question Time


5.                 Turyn Professorship

Deferred to next meeting.


6.                 Committee Reviews

Deferred to next meeting.


7.                 General Principles about Faculty Obligations to Provide Service

Deferred to next meeting.


8.                 Slavic Acquisitions Position (from John Wagstaff)

Deferred to next meeting.


9.                 Position  request: Preservation AP (from J. Teper)

Deferred to next meeting.



10.            Year of data stewardship activities (from B. Sandore)

Beth reported on the need to increase awareness of issues related to the management of research data. Granting agencies are starting to issue compliance guidelines that will affect how data is managed. Some institutions and libraries are already working to manage and curate research data. Beth would like to increase awareness locally by:


EC approved the position change.


11.             Paper preparers

Deferred to next meeting.