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Executive Committee Agenda 10-26-2010


Executive Committee



October 26, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Paula Carns, Recording, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo; Chris Prom; Sarah Shreeves; Kim Matherly



1.                  Approved minutes from October 7, 2010 meeting


2.                  Question Time-a question was asked about the funding for the proposed relocation of Digital Content Creation from the Main Library to the 3rd floor of Oak St. Remote Storage; the Library IT fee would be used for remodeling the space.


3.                  CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowships-CLIR has approached the Library about funding a post-doctoral internship for the upcoming year. EC believes that in the current economic climate a better way to proceed would be for the Library to put out a call to Library faculty for suggestions on potential projects for a CLIR postdoctoral as well as possible sources of grant funding to pay for one. The postdoc would for FY13 and FY14 and the estimated cost between $130,000-150,000. Paula will draft a call and circulate to EC for comment.


4.                  Research Programmer position for Infrastructure Maintenance and Support--EC confirmed their email approval.


5.                  IAS position description--EC confirmed their email approval.


6.                  Faculty retreat/strategic planning. JoAnn, Karen and David continue to work with the AULs to plan for the Faculty retreat that will take place on December 16, 2010. To help formulate goals and a meeting schedule for the retreat, the group met with Stig Lanesskog, Associate Provost for Strategic Planning and Assessment. While the campus is not currently asking units to provide strategic plans, many units are preparing statements. The retreat will be the Library's initial step in this process. The group circulated a list of outcomes and a meeting schedule for EC to review.


7.                  Social and Applied Health Report update. EC granted the team an extension until December 6, 2010.  Joann will follow up with the Committee with suggestions from EC for making the best use of their remaining time, specifically: 



8.                  Continuing Review of Committees


Carry-overs from previous discussions:

Colloquium Committee--Chatham Ewing, Chair, will visit EC in November 2010 to discuss the future of the committee. Some suggestions for the Committee were that it select speakers around current events on campus and that it put out a call for suggestions from Library faculty. Kim Matherly offered to create a list of catering services that the Colloquium Committee and Social Committee can both use in organizing functions.


Mortensen Center Advisory Committee-EC voted to allow the Center to disband the Committee per its request. The Committee is part of the Library bylaws and, in order to dissolve it, the Bylaws Committee must change the bylaws. EC will send this matter to the Bylaw Committee along with other changes arising from the committee review.


Research and Publication Committee-Marek Sroka, Chair, will visit EC in November to discuss the future of the committee. EC is considering charging this committee with greater responsibility in the untenured process.  


Exhibits Committee-Paula Carns will review the Committee's website and report back.


Scholarly Communications Committee. Paula suggested that mention of the Scholarly Communications Officer be stricken from the committee charge. It was suggested that the Committee meet with the Senate Committee on the Library to discuss scholarly communications issues. EC discussed ways of encouraging Library faculty to put their scholarly writing in IDEALS, as few are doing so, such as through mandates. The Committee has had the greatest success with helping Library faculty to negotiate to keep the rights to their work.


Social Events Committee-EC discussed the composition of the committee and believes it to be the correct balance. Paula will convey to the committee the availability of additional funding to cover the cost of events.