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Executive Committee Minutes September 29, 2010


Executive Committee



September 29, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Greg Youngen, secretary; Paula Carns; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo; Chris Prom; Sarah Shreeves; Visitor - Jim Hahn; Recording, Kim Matherly


1.           Approve minutes from September 13

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.           Question Time

The report on Exceptional Dewey was discussed at the faculty meeting. No substantial objections were raised and there were suggestions for other areas to begin using LC for new acquisitions including the IAS Library.


Bill and David met with the AULs to discuss ways they can work more collaboratively with EC and implement items that EC approves. The EC Vice-chair could be charged with providing the AULs a report of items discussed at EC that need their follow-through. It was also suggested that the AULs meet with EC more regularly to discuss items pertaining to their work.


If Jim Hahn serves on a search committee is he able to serve as chair of the EEOC for that search committee? Paula will find out the answer.


The faculty/AP recognition event went well, but some of the people being recognized didn't attend because they weren't notified.  Paula will talk to Cindy Kelly and Scott Walter to improve communication about future events like this.



3.           Request for Nominations for Honorary Degrees

EC decided not to put a nominee forward.


4.           3:00 - Jim Hahn-recruiting diverse applicants

Jim would like to see a renewed commitment to identifying diverse candidates. EC agreed with this. Jim discussed various official websites that should be used and also mentioned other informal ways of increasing diversity in the candidate pools. LHR will be asked to update the recruiting list and it will be given to each search committee chair as part of their instructions.


5.           Final Discussion on IT Report

EC endorsed the report and will plan to talk about the CAPT charge at a future meeting.


6.                 Academic Search in Grainger

            Tim Cole submitted a request for academic searches to support new & ongoing grant work at Grainger. EC endorsed the recommendations and appointed search committees.


7.           Job description for interim head of RRGIS

JoAnn Jacoby was appointed.


8.           Faculty Retreat planning

The AULs will be meeting with EC on October 4 to discuss this.


EC would like to discuss a vision in the first 20 minutes and then discuss short to medium term goals or targets. Some ideas from the faculty meeting included:



Send David any other ideas you have.


We are looking for actionable outcomes. Paula will set some parameters before the faculty starts brainstorming.


9.           Reference NSM responses

EC will ask the team to revise the report.



10.Head of Literature and Languages responses

Deferred to a future meeting.


11.       Coordinator for Research position (temporary appointment)

Deferred to a future meeting.