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Executive Committee Minutes 07-05-2011

Executive Committee



July 5, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom, JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo, Chris Prom, Sarah Shreeves, David Ward; Visitors- Tom Teper, Scott Walter; Recording – Kim Matherly


  1. 1.                  1:30 – AULs – regular

EC discussed the Fee Projects with the AULs. See Scott’s email to libnews on May 26 at 6:18pm. Also, see updates at G:\Fee\FY12\Fee_Overview_FY12.


  1. 2.                 Approve minutes from June 27

Minutes were approved with changes.


  1. 3.                 Question Time

EC discussed ways to be more accessible to faculty and staff.


EC discussed submitting a nomination for an honorary degree.


  1. 4.                 SSHE Applications

Applications were reviewed and meetings will be set up for the applicants to meet with EC, the staff who will become part of SSHE, and for the applicants to make presentations to the Library faculty and staff.


  1. 5.                 Divisional Structures

EC discussed a draft charge. The draft charge will be presented at the next Faculty meeting for discussion.


  1. 6.                 Social Science, Health and Education NSM Team

This team will be convened once there is a head of the new library.


  1. 7.                 Reference Implementation NSM Final Report

Approved as amended.


  1. 8.                Business Information Services Team

The membership was finalized. The Team will be charged and will begin meeting.


  1. 9.                 Personnel issue

This issue was discussed.


  1. 10.            Committee Assignments

This will be discussed at a future meeting.