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Executive Committee Minutes 06-13-2011


Executive Committee



June 13, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Greg Youngen, Secretary; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo, Chris Prom, David Ward; Visitors - Lynne Rudasill; Beth Sandore; Tom Teper; Scott Walter; Recording - Kim Matherly


1.                 1:30 - Lynne Rudasill - FRC, PRC, PTA role

The committee discussed the P&T evaluation procedure with Lynne. David and Bill will work with Lynne and Jennifer Teper to come up with a document that addresses some of the issues discussed.


The question of the Division's role came up in this discussion. When Paula Carns and Karen meet with AC to discuss the role and structure of Divisions , the Divisions' role in P&T will also be discussed.


2.                       2:10 - Beth Sandore - NSM Reference Implementation Team Final Report

Beth discussed some concerns she has with the report. Bill, David and JoAnn will draft language to further clarify the responsibilities of the head position and more fully articulate the vision of goals for the new unit.


3.                 2:30 - AULs - regular

a.     SAC/CDC Joint Advisory Group

EC wanted to know how the group was coming along and what outcome they expected.


Scott then asked what EC would like out of this group and suggested that there were four areas the group had considered. EC advised the group to focus on number one as the basis for moving forward on the other points.


1.      Description statement of what the core expectations are of subject specialists.

2.      Rubric for evaluating librarianship.

3.      Rubric by which an agreement might be made or reviewed when sharing our outsourcing subject specialist responsibilities.

4.      How these expectations relate to job descriptions for future hires.


EC advised the group to focus in #1 as the others all follow from defining these core expectations.


4.                 Approve minutes from June 6

Minutes were approved with changes.


5.                 Question Time

The Behavioral Sciences and Health Information positions were submitted by the advisory group to be paid for out of the fee. The Provost will make a decision soon as to whether we can use the fee money for these positions. These positions will be added to the hiring plan. The hiring plan is due at the end of June.


Paula has no additional information on the budget.


The deans from all three campuses have been invited to the BOT retreat in July.


6.                 PRC for Associate Professor

A PRC was suggested.


7.                 Anthropology/Social Work Librarian



8.                 Biomedical Librarian



9.                 Committee Assignments



10.            CAS Proposal

Deferred to next meeting.