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Executive Committee Minutes June 6, 2011


Executive Committee



June 6, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair;  Greg Youngen, Secretary; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo, Chris Prom, David Ward; Recording - Kim Matherly


1.                  2:30 - Mary Laskowski, Michael Norman - IPM Project Manager Position Request

This position will be added to the hiring plan as a permanent position in the Library.


2.                 Approve minutes from May 24

Minutes were approved.


3.                 Question Time

Paula talked to the Provost about the Behavioral Science position. If he doesn't get back to her soon, she'll follow up with him.


Where are things with the SAC/CDC joint advisory group? This will be discussed with the AULs at the next EC meeting.


No new information on budget.


There were no monies appropriated for the Surveys (Prairie Research Institute) in the most recent legislative session. It is expected that this was an oversight and that the General Assembly will allocate funds to the PRI during the veto session this fall.


The AUL reviews will be competed at the end of this week.


4.                 Hiring Plan

Add in Behavior Sciences and Biomedical Information Specialist positions after the Assessment Coordinator position.


5.                 Position Description

EC discussed a position decription.


6.                 Reference Implementation NSM Final Report

A grad hourly will support the chair of this team for the first two years. This report was accepted with changes. Once changes are made, Frances will have a chance to comment before the final report is posted.


7.                 Business NSM Team

This document needs to be posted for comments after revisions are discussed.


8.                Social Science, Health and Education NSM Team

This team charge was approved.


9.                 Strategic Plan

Deferred to another meeting.


10.            CAS Proposal

Deferred to another meeting.