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Executive Committee Minutes 4/11/2011


Executive Committee



April 11, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, Vice-chair; Greg Youngen, Secretary; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; Bill Mischo, Chris Prom, Sarah Shreeves; Visitors - Beth Sandore, Scott Walter; Recording - Kim Matherly



1.                 2:30 - AULs - regular

Two Research Programmer positions in IT that are currently vacant may be affected. Beth will know more in a week or so. If the positions are changed to Civil Service, she will assess the impact on the Library and IT.


Positions listed at the March 28 EC meeting were discussed.  The top five vacancies were identified and will be shared at the faculty meeting for additional input.


2.                 Approve minutes from March 28

Approved with changes.


3.                 Question Time

EC discussed potential topics for the Faculty meeting on April 20. EC will share the top five position requests and ask for input; the need for a project manager in the Library; and now that peer institutions are posting jobs that are broader than single disciplines; how will we keep subject specialists in the forefront.


4.                 5-Y Preparedness

EC discussed the report from FRC and selected reviewers for a 5Y candidate.


5.           Turyn Guidelines review

EC reviewed the guidelines and made suggestions. Paula will make the changes and send the document to EC via email.


6.           Committee review

Will be reviewed at a later meeting.