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Executive Committee Minutes March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, Vice-chair; Greg Youngen, Secretary; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Prom, Sarah Shreeves; Recording - Kim Matherly

1. Personnel Issue

A personnel issue was discussed.

2. Approve minutes from March 14, 2011

Approved with changes.

3. Question Time

Paula has met with Deans DeBrock and Gallagher and the affected librarians to discuss EC's recommendations regarding the NSM plans for BEL and AHS.

New guidelines for AUL annual reports were confirmed and a due date set.

4. Confidentiality

The importance of confidentiality in EC discussions was re-emphasized.

5. Discuss topics for the next AUL/EC meeting (4/11)

AULs need to provide input on hiring plans and developing new position requests.  New positions will need to fit within the goals that will be outlined in the new strategic plan.  Their input will also be important in identifying goals in the post-NSM environment.

6. Choose internal and external evaluators for P&T

Internal and external evaluators were selected for candidates going up for promotion.

7. Medical Informationist position

Greg recommended the description for this position be revised.  He will work with Tom Teper and the Health Sciences Working Group on a revision.

8. Head of NSM Social and Applied Health Sciences

EC recommends initiating an internal search for the Head of the combined libraries.  This will be a 5-year appointment with review.  It was also recommended that the Head serve as the Chair of the NSM Planning Team for the Social and Applied Health Sciences Libraries.  A draft charge should be available at the next meeting.

9. Zero Percent Appointment for Sarah Christensen

The zero-time appointment as instructor was recommended.

10. Position Requests

The positions submitted for the hiring plan were reviewed and prioritized