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Executive Committee Minutes February 28, 2011


Executive Committee



February 28, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; David Ward, Vice-chair; Greg Youngen, Secretary; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo; Chris Prom, Sarah Shreeves; Visitor - Tom Teper; Recording - Kim Matherly


1.                 1:30 - Health Information Collections and Services Position Request - Tom Teper

The Provost's office is supporting the position from the IT fee. EC discussed the position. Tom and Greg will work on a position description to bring back to EC.


2.                 Approve minutes from February 14

Approved with changes.


3.                 Question Time

David would like EC to share the draft charge for the Strategic Planning Committee at the next Faculty meeting.


The Head of Preservation search failed. Jennifer Teper would like to fill the position with a three year visiting person. EC approved this request and the original search committee will be asked to serve for this position as well.


4.                 Assessment Coordinator Applications

There were no applications for the position. Scott and Kirstin will be advised to draft a request for the hiring plan.


5.                 Faculty Editor for P&T

A person was suggested and Paula will ask that person to serve.


6.                 Revenue Generation Task Force Report

EC discussed the report and the recommendations.


7.                 Zero Time Faculty Appointment Procedures - Karen, Greg

The draft was discussed and changes were suggested. Karen and Greg will send the updated draft to EC, by email, for approval.


8.                 Division Organizational Structure

EC discussed next steps for this review. This will be added as an agenda item to the March 16 Faculty meeting.


9.                 Frameworks for position description - Paula C., JoAnn

This will be added to the Faculty meeting for discussion.


10.            Social and Applied Health Science NSM Report

This will be on the agenda for the next Faculty meeting.


11.             Turyn Professor Criteria and Guidelines

Deferred to another meeting.


12.            Committee Review

Deferred to another meeting.