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Executive Committee Minutes 01-03-2011


Executive Committee



January 3, 2011


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair; Paula Carns, Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Bill Mischo; Chris Prom, Sarah Shreeves; David Ward; Greg Youngen; Visiting - Beth Sandore, Tom Teper; Recording - Kim Matherly



1.                 1:00 - AULs - regular

EC discussed the Faculty retreat with the AULs. EC and the AULs discussed strategic planning and how it was handled at the last go-around. It was suggested that we concentrate on a short-term two-four year ongoing plan. We might want to do a self-study or ask someone from the outside to do a review of us. We must stay engaged in the plan to continue to move forward. Paula would like to see a plan in place before the end of the academic year.


The group determined that a few at-large faculty members, EC and the AULs should meet to do an environmental scan. Kirstin Dougan, Jim Hahn, and Merinda Hensley will be invited to attend a one-hour meeting. After this brainstorming activity, the ideas will be sent out to faculty and put on a faculty meeting agenda for discussion and input from all faculty.


EC and the AULs also talked about expectations of Library faculty. Are there core things that all Library faculty are asked to do? How do expectations for individuals fit in with administrative roles like unit heads? Expectations should be added to job descriptions. People need realistic feedback. As a Library faculty member what is our responsibility to deliver services? What is your responsibility to your position? What are expectations for APs?


Paula Carns is on the SAC/DCD Joint Working Group. That group will be discussing some of these issues. Paula Carns will bring information from that meeting back to EC. JoAnn and Paula C. will work on a document to that looks at frameworks for position descriptions and will bring it to a future meeting.


2.                 Approve minutes from December 13

Minutes approved with changes.


3.                 Question Time

What is EC's role in setting the hiring priorities? We don't know when we'll find out about next year's budget. EC discussed what information to request from units regarding filling positions. Paula will draft something to send out to EC for comment.


EC discussed the faculty retreat and the comments it has received and ways to make the next one better. David will make a draft of the issues that were brought out at the retreat and send it out to EC.


4.                 Emeriti Approval for Gail Hueting

The request was approved. Paula will send a letter to the Provost's office.


5.                 NSM Teams Status Review

The Social and Applied Health Sciences Team report will be submitted by the end of the week. Beth Sandore and Lori Mestre will be invited to one of the next EC meetings.


ESSL, AHS, and BEL will become one unit and there will be a Head search.


Reference NSM charge is in draft form.


Funk moving along.


Biology move is going slowly. The library will close in May and they have to be out of the building by August.


The new Literatures & Languages Library will open on January 18.


The LC conversion is proceeding.


RRGIS is moving along.


The English and Modern Languages reference materials will be in 200 by the end of the week.


Geology has begun to move and will be complete next week.


International and Area Studies is in the space planning stage. Asian will be moved temporarily to Modern Languages.


6.                 Review committees

Deferred to another meeting.


7.                 Paper Preparers

Deferred to another meeting.


8.                 Assessment

Chris Prom will work on an assessment position description and bring to the next meeting.


9.                 Reference Services Implementation Team Charge

EC made some suggestions to be added to the charge. It is asking for a draft by spring break and a final submission by April 15. Membership was suggested.