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Miniutes of the Library Executive Committee December 21, 2009

Executive Committee MINUTES

December 21, 2009
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; David Ward; Greg Youngen; Visitors-Mary Burkee; Cherié Weible; Kim Matherly, recording

1.  3:00-Cherié Weible and Mary Burkee to discuss CAS positions

Mary and Cherié discussed the positions with the committee.

2.  Approve December 17, 2009 Minutes

Minutes were approved.

3.  Question Time

The TOP hire was approved, so now we will make an offer.

The Deans met with Stan Ikenberry and reviewed a draft of letter he will send after the first of the year regarding the budget.  The Deans were asked not to share details at this time.

Will we be able to fill the positions that have searches already started? Paula doesn't know but feels we should continue with them.

4.  Reference Services Team Charge

David will have a draft for the committee to look at next meeting.

5.  Government Services Team

David sent this out through email and would like it to be reviewed and approved over email.

6.  Exhibit Committee Name Change

EC approved changing the name of this committee to Exhibitions Committee.

7.  Position title change request

EC will review all the titles at the next meeting.

8.  Faculty Governance Teams

2 reports have been sent out to LIBFAC-L so far. When the final reports from all groups are in next month, EC will review them and schedule a faculty discussion at the next Faculty Meeting, which is scheduled for early February.

9.   Position Requests

     a.   Head, Preservation

     b.   CAS Main Stacks Manager

     c.   CAS Patron Services Manager

     d.   Interim Head, CAS

     e.   LAC Librarian

     f.    Japanese Librarian

     g.    Middle Eastern Librarian

     h.   Psychology/Social Work Librarian

The committee has invited Nancy O'Brien and Karen Wei to come to the next meeting.  EC will continue discussions about prioritizing these position requests.