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Executive Committee Minutes 3 SEP 2009

Executive Committee



September 3, 2009


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; John Wagstaff, secretary; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby, Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; David Ward; Kim Matherly-recording


1.  Approve August 24, 2009 Minutes

Minutes were approved as submitted.


2.  Question Time

The UIUC/UIC collaboration document will be posted on the EC website.


A personnel issue was discussed.


Formation of working groups and committees – do they all need to be submitted to EC? No. However, EC appoints standing committees. EC also communicates information on working groups and other committees to Library faculty and staff.


AC will discuss Swine Flu at its next meeting. Division coordinators will be asked to look into the matter of how best to keep units open in the event of a serious outbreak.


3.  ICR IPod project final report

This project is complete. Following some discussion, the report was approved for posting on EC’s website.


4.  IT Prioritization working Group Recommendations

These recommendations were accepted following one change to the Group’s membership. EC also recommended the use of “staggered terms” of service on the Group, so that all members would not need to be replaced at once.


5.  Flowchart for NSM decision-making process (JoAnn)

Flowchart is ready to post to EC and NSM web pages.


6.  Library Budget

Susan Edwards will come to the next meeting to discuss where we’re at.


7.  Health Information Planning Team (HIPT) charge; International and Area Studies Implementation  Team (IASPT) charge

Have some possible team members for HIPT. Other members were suggested, including an alternate for Team Leader. There was some discussion about the overlap between this team and the Life Sciences team, with a proposal that one member should be common to both groups (a name was suggested). Suggestions were made to clarify some items on the IASIT’s charge. Team members were suggested. The submission date for the IASIT report is now March 19, 2010. It was agreed that the charges for both teams could now be posted.