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Minutes of the Library Executuve Committee August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009
428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Karen Hogenboom; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; John Wagstaff (recording); David Ward; Greg Youngen [Sarah Shreeves and David Ward are newly-elected members, replacing Chris Prom and Beth Woodard]

1. Election of Vice Chair and Secretary

Bill Mischo will continue as Vice-chair. John Wagstaff and David Ward will each serve as Secretary for a period of six months, with John taking the first six.

2. Approve August 10, 2009 Minutes

The Minutes were approved with minor corrections.

3. Question Time

(i) A question was asked regarding the interim Provost’s reaction (if any) to the New Service Models document submitted to the Provost’s Office some time back. No response to the document has been received so far.

(ii) How far has the Dean of Libraries’ evaluation got? Nothing has reached the Dean yet.

(iii) A question was asked about the number of applications received for various current position openings, such as Head of Reference and Government Documents, Scholarly Commons, and Instructional Services Librarian in reference.

4. Assessment Coordinator

There was further discussion of various issues relating to this position, and some changes to the wording of the position request document were suggested. This revised text was then approved.

5. Flow Chart for NSM Decision Process

This item was deferred.

6. Middle Eastern Librarian

This position was discussed in the broader context of agenda item 7.

7. Hiring Plan discussion

One further position request is to be added to the list, which will then shortly go forward to the Provost’s Office. There was also a suggestion to add an Intellectual Property Lawyer position to the list. This suggestion was not carried forward.

It was noted that another call for position requests should be issued. Bill Mischo will do this: deadline will be September 21.

8. UIC and UIUC Collaboration Purpose Statement

A document on this topic was discussed. It was generally agreed that the libraries of the two institutions could benefit from increased collaboration.

9. Search Process Checklist and Search Interview Schedules for internal appointments

Karen and Michael volunteered to bring the search process checklist up to date. Various suggestions were made about the interview process, including the desirability of internal candidates to meet with all three AULs together.

10. Position titles

Kim had circulated a list of staff whose position titles currently include the word “assistant”. Those affected by such titles will be asked to suggest alternative titles themselves; deadline is September 15. The matter will then come back to EC.

11. Planning Teams – International and Area Studies Team, Applied Health Sciences Planning Team

Some changes to the documents submitted in advance of the meeting had been suggested. JoAnn Jacoby will be consulted about these, and the documents will then come back to EC. There was some discussion about changing the submission deadline for the International and Area Studies Implementation Team’s report from February 2010 to November 2009. No decision was taken.

12. RTG IT priorities Working Group

This item was deferred, and will be placed in the Parking Lot.