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Executive Committee Minutes 07-08-2010


Executive Committee



July 8, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Greg Youngen; Recording: Kim Matherly



1.                  Approve June 14, 2010 Minutes

Approved as submitted.


2.                 Question Time

We received the budget from the Provost's office. We will have a 6.2% reduction. We've also been asked to set 2% aside in reserve. Paula will attend a Dean's Retreat on July 15 and will receive more information about the budget.


We've been told that there is a good possibility that funding for FY12 will be as bad as FY11.


We have received 2% of faculty salary total funds to address equity, compression, and establish a retention pool. APs and open range employees will not receive increases this fiscal year.


Paula will be writing a response to the Stewarding Excellence Committee report on the Library. Please send her any comments you have.


By the end of Summer II, the Geology Library will be closed to the public. Lura Joseph and Sheila McGowan will be moving to Grainger Library once transfers are complete.


3.                 Committee Assignments

EC made suggestions for committee assignments. Paula will contact individuals to serve. Paula will also ask chairs of committees to submit an annual report stating activities and accomplishments for the past year, by August 31.


4.                 Social and Applied Health Sciences Charge

This charge was approved.


5.                 AUL/AD Reviews

The reviews will be sent to Paula by early next week.


6.                 Faculty White Paper Updates

Deferred to another meeting.