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Executive Committee Minutes June 14, 2010


Executive Committee



June 14, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; David Ward, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; John Wagstaff; Greg Youngen; Guests: Lynne Rudasill, Beth Woodard; Recording: Kim Matherly



1.                 1:30pm - Lynne Rudasill and Beth Woodard (FRC) - dossier statements

The committee talked to Lynne and Beth about the best ways to help candidates create a better dossier, specifically the research and librarianship statements. Some suggestions were to have Lightning Talks at faculty meetings for faculty to talk about their research; have meetings for PRCs to help them understand what their role is; and writing workshops for untenured to help them with preparing higher level statements at an earlier point in the tenure process.


2.                 Approve June 7, 2010 Minutes

Approved with changes.


3.                 Question Time

The Social and Applied Health Sciences Team charge needs to be posted for comment. Lori Mestre has agreed to lead the team.


The Stewarding Excellence Group that is looking at the Library is very close to having their final report ready.


Will there be furlough days next year? Nothing has been said about this.


4.                 0% appt Akram Khabibullaev - IU

The committee recommended this appointment.  It will be brought to the July Faculty meeting for a vote.


5.                 Literatures Implementation Team Report Wrap-up

EC suggested that there needs to be a more robust section on assessment. The location of materials needs to follow existing materials location principles. There needs to be further development of the space plan, including the placement of the service location. JoAnn will convey EC's comments and let them decide whether they need to reconvene for discussion.


The head of the new library should be appointed for three years starting August 16, 2010, to help provide leadership for the transition.


6.                 Services Advisory Committee Appointments

Appointments will be made when other committee assignments are decided.


7.                 AUL/AD Evaluation

The members of EC will have a summary of comments to Paula by the end of the week.


8.                 20% Reduction Recommendations: Core Principles

AC didn't want to do anything more with this. Many recommendations are already underway. David will send out a summary of core principles from, the document (as discussed at AC) for the committee to look at and edit.


The Budget Group is still looking at the separation agreements. Four-six people are still unsure.


The 6.2% reduction is only a preliminary number.


9.                 Faculty White Paper Action Items

Item one-Faculty Meetings- has been approved and is underway.


Item 4-Standardized Meeting Procedures-will be discussed at a faculty meeting.


Item 3-Administrative Communication-will be looked at by Michael and Sarah, who will bring back recommendations to EC.


10.            Committee Assignments

Deferred to another meeting.