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Executive Committee Minutes May 4, 2010


Executive Committee



May 4, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; David Ward, Secretary; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; Karen Hogenboom; Greg Youngen; John Wagstaff;



1.                  Approve April 26, 2010 Minutes

Approved with minor changes.


2.                 Question Time

EC approved the IT Prioritization document Beth Sandore presented, pending inclusion of a few items EC will send to Beth.


Does the university have a policy on travel to Arizona?  No


No new budget news.


Campus will be notifying approved applicants to the Voluntary Separation program with their options in the near future.


3.                 Plan for 5/5/ Faculty Meeting

Desired Outcomes: A prioritized list of recommendations for the library to implement, including who is responsible for implementation of each point.


Organization: The meeting will use the Speed Geeking roundtable facilitation method, organized by the faculty governance themes document.  A moderator for each theme will present a prioritized summary of recommendations in their area.  The meeting will conclude with a group discussion of overall priorities and next steps.


EC will send out a document that organizes the recommendations by ease of implementation before the meeting.


4.                 FRC/PTA for Full Professor

A list of names was approved.


5.                 Learning Commons Council charge

The changes were approved.


6.                 Special Recruit GA Program

EC received questions about the procedures for this program.  The money comes from the library IT Fee.  EC discussed ways to ensure that the library gets the type of skills we need from the pool of applicants in this program.


7.                 Summary of Divisional Priorities (20% plans)

A summary document of recommendations for functional priorities and potential cuts was reviewed.  EC will forward the document to AC and ask them to analyze some of the cuts which involve operational issues (e.g. hours of service) that AC is already discussing.


8.                AUL and AD evaluation

EC needs to post a call for comments.


9.                 FRC 5Y Review Comments

The comments were discussed.


10.            Library Stewarding Excellence Committee

The group's deadline is early July.  They are currently doing an environmental scan, and met last week with representatives from the Law Library.  This week the New Service Model programs and Residence Hall Libraries will be examined.


11.              Position Requests

The library received approval to move forward with the Head of Preservation and Life Sciences Digital Librarian positions.


12.             IT and Digital Life Cycle Activities

Not Discussed.