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Executive Committee Minutes April 5, 2010


Executive Committee



April 5, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; David Ward, Secretary; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; Karen Hogenboom; Greg Youngen; John Wagstaff;

Guests: Lynn Wiley, Linda Smith.



1.                 1:30 - Lynn Wiley - RTG Suggestions

Lynn reviewed the work her group has done on service evaluations.  There will be an NSM Stuff Session on 4/14 to present the group's work so far, including what changes have been implemented and what changes still need review.


AC will be asked to review the entire report and consider which of the remaining recommendations to implement.


2.                 2:30 - Linda Smith - Health Information Services Team Report

Linda presented the report and gave some additional background on the primary report recommendations.  Health is a primary focus of the campus strategic plan.


EC discussed relative curriculum strengths between UIUC and UIC in the subject areas covered by the report.  Linda also talked about some of the ideas the committee considered in terms of physical space, collections, and services for Health information needs.


3.                 Approve March 22, 2010 Minutes



4.                 Question Time

The library has received a preliminary budget figure for FY11.  We will start the year with a permanent reduction of 6.2%, or approximately $1.3 million. Collections were protected from these cuts.  The library may face further reductions later in the year in addition to this.


Budget Group has begun preliminary review of the voluntary separation applications.


5.                 20% cut plan discussion

Not discussed.


6.                 Exceptional Dewey Classifications

EC had a preliminary discussion and made recommendations on possible membership and deadlines for a working group to investigate exceptional classification procedures.  Discussion on this topic will continue at a future EC meeting.


7.                 P&T External and Internal Evaluators

Not discussed.


8.                 Date for May faculty meeting

Not discussed.


9.                 AUL and AD evaluation

Not discussed.


10.            Library Review

Not discussed.