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Executive Committee Minutes February 8, 2010


Executive Committee



February 8, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; David Ward, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; John Wagstaff; Greg Youngen;


1.                 Approve February 1, 2010 Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.                 Question Time

A faculty meeting date of May 5th was selected.


The research programmer positions that were to have been funded by the Library/IT fee are still all on hold at the campus level.


Are smaller campus units talking about merging?  Paula said that the Campus Steering Committee is identifying many opportunities for change and that looking at smaller campus units may be selected for investigation. 

There was a question about the AUL Review process for this year.


The Government Services Team charge will be posted on the EC site.  The charge and membership were previously approved by EC, and the suggested team members are currently being invited.   Mary Mallory heads this team.


3.                 Library/IT Fee discussion

The Library's proposal is due to be submitted to the Provost's Office in April.


The positions in the current year's request are still on hold/deferred (see above).


The Library has drafted a proposal; total new requests for next year are $3.2 million.


There was a discussion of the digitization requests.  EC agreed  that there needs to be an examination of workflow and metadata backlogs for digitization projects; the library has extensive digitized files that cannot be accessed because of these backlogs and a lack of staff to do the post-digitization work.  EC will follow up on this.


The request for 3 visiting faculty to cover subject specialist vacancies was re-worded to express that this is for temporary coverage of longer term needs.


4.                 Literatures and Languages Implementation Team

Changes to the charge were suggested; the revised charge will be posted.


Membership was suggested, and proposed members will be contacted shortly.


5.                 Reference NSM Team Discussion

Membership was suggested, and proposed members will be contacted shortly.


This team will be asked to consult widely across the library as its recommendations will impact many units and many different service areas.


6.                 Paper Preparers

Postponed to next meeting


7.                 Position Requests

Postponed to next meeting