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Executive Committee Minutes February 1, 2010


Executive Committee



February 1, 2010


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; David Ward, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Sarah Shreeves; John Wagstaff; Greg Youngen; Visitors-Lynne Rudasill, Helen Sullivan; Kim Matherly, recording



1.                  Slavic Ref Services-Lynne Rudasill, Helen Sullivan

There are several people in the Library and GSLIS with language skills who could help with reference questions and selecting. Lynne and Helen will come up with a proposal outlining what Slavic Reference Services can do and what they will need in people and equipment to offer additional services in other languages. They will submit their proposal to EC.


EC also discussed the possibility of offering this service to other libraries as part of partnerships to increase available language expertise.


2.                 Approve January 25, 2010 Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


3.                 Question Time

Paula will be doing a Pecha Kucha (6 minute 20 second long) presentation at the March Board of Trustees meeting regarding the 11 millionth volume and the importance of the library.


Paula will do a budget presentation at the Faculty meeting and talk about the impact of the dollars we have to give back.


The Budget Group is coming up with criteria for deciding who will be granted retirement/separation. Applications must be submitted to University HR by April 2. The library then have until April 14 to submit their requests.


4.                 Update from Dean's meeting - Paula

The Deans have been asked to serve on different committees to look at the structure of how things are done at the University and to make recommendations for changes. Paula will serve on the Steering Committee. There will also be a Campus Advisory Committee to discuss the items the Steering Committee recommends and a Project Management Team to implement the recommendations.


5.                 Appoint paper preparer and full professor FRC & PTA

Suggestions were made.


6.                 Faculty Meeting White Papers

The Committee talked about the best way to move forward. They suggested that two teams present a short presentation at each of the next two faculty meetings and then spend the rest of each meeting discussing the papers. At the May meeting a set of recommendations will be presented.


EC also discussed some of the suggestions about EC presented in one of the papers. In response to some suggestions, the committee will immediately send out an email to Libnews letting everyone know when an agenda has been posted and asking for input. Bill will remind everyone at the faculty meeting that EC meetings have always been open, except for executive session to discuss personnel-related issues.


7.                 Annual Reports & FRC Guidelines

We can't stop doing annual reports because they are mandated by Communication 21. FRC will need to have elections in time for the new members to start by November 1. In the future, the FRC/P&T schedule should be reviewed and changes made by June 1, after a discussion at a spring faculty meeting.


8.                Position Requests

Deferred to next meeting.