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October 13, 2008


428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; Chris Prom; JoAnn Jacoby; Beth Woodard; Greg Youngen; Kim Matherly, recording


1.     Questions

Is there any new information regarding the Illinois Survey libraries? We don’t have much additional information at this time. We know that the current staff will remain at the rank of academic professional. Sometime in the future, the Library will be absorbing the collections of the survey libraries. Presently, we have the Natural History Survey collection in Voyager online catalog and, in the future, will work to get the other collections into the catalog as well. Scott Walter is the point person for the Library on this matter and will have more information in the near future.


Issues concerning the Slavic Library were discussed.   


Paula alerted the Committee that she would be getting more information regarding the status of the campus’s budget. Paula may call a special meeting of AC/EC committees this week to discuss budget news.


2.    Minutes from October 6, 2008

Minutes were approved with changes.


3.    Revised Job announcement for Head of Undergraduate Library


The Committee approved the revised job announcement with changes suggested for the Campus and Community section.


4.    Revised Request for IT Visiting Research Programmer

The Committee discussed this revised request and had several questions concerning the priority of this position with 2 other requests from Library IT still on the position priority chart. The Committee has asked the AUL for Information Technology Planning and Policy for additional information to help determine the most immediate need for Library IT at this time.


5.    Position Priorities

One member asked how often the Executive Committee should put out new call for new position requests. When do positions currently on the priority list get removed from the chart? How often does the Committee re-evaluate the priorities list? It was determined that the list will probably need to be re-evaluated often over the next year with the ongoing budgetary concerns. However, whenever an academic position opens up through retirement or someone leaving the Library, the prioritized list will be consulted. The Committee agreed that the Library will need to rethink how it fills positions this year and identify other possibilities, including determining what higher-level work can be accomplished by staff, assigning individuals to more than one unit, and outsourcing particular services. After more information is gained from campus regarding budgetary matters, the Committee will come back to the prioritized list in one month to make additional decisionregarding the academic pool of money.       


6.    Scholarly Commons Report (including comments)

This item will be discussed at a future meeting.


7.    Digital Content Life Cycle Management Report (including comments)

This item will be discussed at a future meeting.


8.   Unit Heads Proposal

This item was briefly discussed and a finalized draft will be discussed at a future meeting and disseminated to the Library for comment.