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October 6, 2008


428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; Beth Woodard; Greg Youngen; Kim Matherly, recording


1.     Questions

A personnel matter was discussed.


The Committee discussed moving forward on New Service Model proposal # 17 - Create an Area and International Studies Library to be located in 321/325 Library. The Committee recommended the creation of a charge for the task force, suggested an individual to be chair, discussed a list of possible task force members, and suggested workable time line. The Committee will continue to discuss this task force at future meetings.


2.    Minutes from September 22, 2008

Minutes were approved with changes.


3.    PRC for Faculty member

The Committee recommended a peer review committee for the individual.


4.    Provost Communication #17 – Program for Multi-year Contracts


The University of Illinois Board of Trustees has authorized limited use of multi-year employment contracts in order to help recruit and retain the best available personnel in these categories of employees. To make use of the multi-year contracts, the Library must establish policies and procedures within the University and campus framework to identify objectives of a multi-year contract program, eligibility factors, conditions, and review and approval processes within the program. The Committee discussed the need of creating such policies and procedures if this is not a category of employment that the Library would utilize. Currently, the Library uses visiting appointments to fill temporary position openings. Both programs allow 1-3 year appointments, but the new Program for Multi-year contracts would permit renewal of the appointment after the third year . The Committee charged a small group to submit a recommendation whether the Library should establish policies and procedures for multi-year contracts.


5.    Clinical Faculty

Ever couple years, a request to consider having clinical faculty status is presented to Library Administration and others in the Library. The Committee discussed the feasibility of pursuing further investigation of possible clinical library track. Several themes that emerged two-tiered structure for faculty in the Library, the difficulty in determining which positions would be classified as clinical and which ones not, reaffirming the importance of research and publishing (contributing and keeping current with the various academic fields) for faculty at UIUC Library, and the existence of academic professional appointments for possible 100 percent librarianship positions. The Committee agreed not to pursue the clinical librarian track for the Library.


6.    Council of Deans Report

The Library will participate in several of the action items produced from the 30 concept papers produced for the Council of Deans meeting this past summer to revitalize and set priorities for the campus. Some of these initiatives will impact the Library such as Space Management, Shared Data Center, Stakeholder Alignment Maps, and Faculty Excellence Revisions. The Committee strategized about possible actions the Library could take to participate in these new campus concepts. Also, the Library is directly involved with two of the concepts –the Illinois Digitization Initiative (including digitizing UIUC dissertations and other signature items) and Serving E-Science and E-Scholarship. Paula is working on creating a strategic plan for the Illinois Digitization Initiative and, working with John Unsworth and Sally Jackson, is working to create a team and strategy to support e-Science at Illinois. The deadline for these 2 actions items is January 2009.


7.    Position Priorities

Positions were discussed. The Committee approved filling the Instructional Services Librarian on a permanent basis (it is currently a visiting appointment). A search committee was recommended and Paula will contact individuals to see if they will serve. Additional discussion of positions will continue at the next meeting.